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For me it is All About Being of Service & Living the Life of the Give-Away....

Being Mindful of those who are unable to speak for themselves; our Non-Two Legged Relations and the Future Generations.

It's about walking on the Canka Luta Waste Behind the Cannunpa and the ceremonies.

It's about Mindfulness and Respect. It's about Honesty and owning up to my foibles.

It's about: Mi Takuye Oyacin

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Monsters Are ONLY Cute on Halloween

I know many people refer to their children as "Little Monsters", but that is only cute for Halloween. When children throw temper tantrums or scream & yell until bloody blue in the face and are ignored by their parents...I (and many other people) just want to pull that parent aside and shake the shit out of them!

I am so tired of all the insolent, rude, spoiled, unmanageable, misbehaved, screaming children there are in today's society...I see them most everyday, especially where I work. It is totally inappropriate for children to be allowed to misbehave, especially in public. It's pathetic that today's parents have not a clue how to properly raise children.

I'll tell you, if I or any of my friends had ever pulled a hissey fit in public (like so many children do now)...our momma's dropped whatever they were doing/shopping for, pulled us outside, put us in the car, took us home and punished our misbehaving asses.

You want to know who is responsible for teaching children manners, right thinking, & good behavior? Well for sure it's not: Gandma/Gandpa, Nanny, teacher, principle, Auntie/Uncle...it's the person who gave birth to the child as well as the seed donor, in other words...IT IS YOU MOM & DAD...You Are Responsible.

I am so sick and tired of having my dinner ruined in a restaurant by some screaming spoiled brat and Igmo parent. It's no better in a store, mall, Library, park, visiting a friend's home, or being at home and having to listen to the neighbor's kids scream bloody hell & murder because they are not getting their way and are being ignored by the parental unit.

Once you become pregnant, then have a child...life as you (Mom & Dad) once knew it IS OVER! It is No Longer about You. It's No Longer about having fun & freedom...it's about Growing up and taking responsibility for Someone Else, and this little Someone Else needs love, care, & guidance 24-7-365! You, as Mom & Dad...don't get to ignore this child... You, Mom & Dad are the ones to set the Example of how to: behave in a socially acceptable manner, treat others, give respect to All Other Living Beings, care for belongings, eat healthy, be a contributing member of society, and walk in balance.

Babies Are Not Puppies...they do Not Give Unconditional Love...they Need Unconditional Love as well as your undivided attention. Ignoring a screaming baby or poorly behaved child is a subtle form of Child Abuse. Plopping a child in front of a television, gameboy, Wii, computer is NOT an acceptable way of raising a child. Those techno machines Are NOT Babysitters. Children, for the most part, are not able to discern what is Real and what is Not from techno machines.... Techno machines teach a skewed form of virtual reality, which has nothing to do with Real Life. Not to mention the fact that the techno machines alter active brainwaves....disabling cognizant thought process in young children.

Food also plays an important part in a child's behavior & health. When I was growing up (back in the Dark Ages) it was not a common practice to take children to the dentist unless they had a severely damaged a tooth! Now with all the sugar in their diets...not only are children's baby teeth rotting & falling out early, but their health is deteriorating. Over abundance of sugar attacks the immune system, it leaves a child open to diabetes and other disease. Obesity Is a Disease....and a chubby baby may be "cute", but an obese child is a very unhealthy child. Sugar also is a culprit in behavioral problems.....highs & lows.....crankiness from coming down off a sugar high is nasty.

So many parents ask: "What is wrong with my child?" I have new for them: They Are What is Wrong With their child.....the way they raised their child is obviously suspect. Raising children is NOT a democratic process......although babies start off as MeMeMeMe and are in need of constant gratification of their basic needs...they grow into children who are capable of cognizant thought process via interaction with other human beings (Mom & Dad) and need guidance and healthy examples of good behavior in their home life.

Not only do your examples set the course for your child's future as an adult...it can keep them out of prison as well as clean & sober.
Don't you know: children who are allowed to run amok and behave like Little Monsters (except for when they are sleeping), pretty much grow up to be Assholes, a detriment to themselves and pretty much a menace to society.

So get a clue Mom & Dad...it's time to pay attention to what you are doing to your child and start teaching your children how to be capable, respectful, and healthy human beings.

Mi Takuye Oyacin

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Elder's Meditation of the Day - August 17

"If a child hasn't been given spiritual values within the family setting, they have no familiarity with the values that are necessary for the just and peaceful functioning in society."
--Eunice Baumann-Nelson, Ph.D, PENOBSCOT
When we are born, we start with a beautiful empty mind ready to be given our beliefs, attitudes, habits and expectations. Most of our true learning comes from watching the actions of others. As we watch our family or relatives, whatever their actions and values are, so will be the children's values and acts. If we see our families living a just and peaceful way of life, so then will the children. If we see our family shouting, arguing, and hateful, so will it be for the children. The cycle of life - baby, youth, adult and Elder is all connected. If the older ones have good values, it will be connected to the children.
Oh my Creator, if there are values I have missed, it is not too late. I can get them from You. Teach me today Your spiritual values. Respect, trust, giving, honesty, wisdom - teach me these

At the risk of peeving many people I am going to speak out on what I see going on these days:

Many women whine and ask "What is wrong with my child?"... well don't you know, the way they allow their child to behave is what is "wrong" with their child!

Raising children is NOT a democracy. Children are "MEMEME" beings, egocentric creatures and they have not a clue of what is good for them or how to behave unless YOU, their parent teaches them! It is up to parents to raise children to be capable adults!

You as the parent are responsible for teaching that child right from wrong, good from bad, appropriate manners, spiritual beliefs...... And believe you me, just yelling at them isn't gonna make one single bit of difference....it's interaction, like one-on-one time. Making yourself the living breathing example of what it means to be a good person....showing them. Parents teach by example. There is no "Do as I say, not as I do!" That's a cop-out.

Discipline is NOT abuse.......it's Love, it's Caring. Get off your dead butts....don't let your Momma & Poppa raise your child...don't let your Auntie or a Nanny raise your child....you will lose their respect. Hell, if you don't care enough to be there for them, you think that child isn't going to know that? You think they are gonna respect you? You think, what that just because you gave birth (or seed) they are going to be "connected" to you? Well, you better think again!

How is/was your relationship with your parents? So, then...do you want the same thing for your child? If not, then you better change the pattern.... You need to be there for that child, not just hand them off to the closest relative while you go out and live your life.

I've sad news for you...a baby/child is FOREVER...and once you give birth your very own personal fun loving life is OVER...you now have 100% full-time responsibility for another living two-legged being. A child is NOT a pet, that when you get tired of you can send to the shelter!

If you don't want a baby.....well then take precautions! So many young, lonely girls have babies in order to have someone that will love them. Babies are not equipped to give love...they are for giving love to, 24/7/365!

You want a warm snugly thing to love you, that takes relatively little care in comparison to a baby? Then get a Dog....one from the Humane Shelter will do good. All you have to do is give them food & water...and clean-up...they will be there when you are done running the streets and happy to see you and ready to love you...unlike a baby!

You and you Alone are responsible for how that child turns out......You show your child by example what it means to be a fully functional (or dysfunctional) adult, as the case may be.

Wake up people....the time is now. If you shirk your responsibility to your child, then you have absolutely no cause to complain what type of person your child turns out to be.

And that is the Creator's Honest Truth.

Libraries: The New Communist Front

The Menace of the Public Option–public library that is.

For far too long, this menace has undermined the very foundations of our economy. While companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble struggle valiantly each day to sell books, these communistic cabals known as libraries undercut the hard work of good corporate citizens by letting people read their books for free.

Good stuff.



Friday, September 25, 2009

Elder's Meditation of the Day - August 26

"Those who live for one another learn that love is the bond of perfect unity."
--Fools Crow, LAKOTA
To serve each other, to respect each other, to trust each other, to honor each other, to love each other, to cooperate with each other, to care for each other, to forgive one another, to focus on peoples' good, to laugh with one another, to learn from one another, to pray for each other; these are all acts of love. These values and actions will connect us to one another in the Unseen World. Nature is a good example of how we should get along with one another. Watch nature. She is our teacher. Nature lives to give to one another. The insects give to the birds, who give to the four legged, who give to the two legged. The Creator made all things perfect.
Oh Great Spirit, let me serve the people today. Let me see that it is better to give than it is to receive. Be with me today.

See...so it's like that. It isn't just about "ME". it isn't just about "You". It IS about ALL of Us, Together as One. This "Us" includes All of our Relations: the non-two-legged: Our Tall Standing Brothers, the Medicines, All Green ones, Winged ones, Swimming ones, Four-Legged ones, Creepy-Crawlie ones, Stone People....ALL Living Beings. That's the definition of Mi Takuye Oyacin...that is how the ancient ones believed.

If we don't take care of the planet now, what will remain for our Children's children?

No one says you have to like everyone or invite them to your home to stay with you...but You DO have to Love everyone and pray for the best for them. Heck even Jesus (the Jew) taught that.

It is such a waste of time and energy focusing on only our very small & limited selves.

I once had a guy tell me: "You can Pray to Live or Live to Pray. Grandpa lives to pray and look he has a hard life. I pray to live, because I don't want that kind of life he has." I looked at this guy totally amazed....you know he is a "Sundancer" and carries that Cannunpa... So anyways I just said: "Well I Live to Pray, because I Know that as long as I'm praying and living this life like Creator wants, I'm gonna be taken care of."

So for me it's like that...really simple. It takes absolutely Nothing away from me by praying for the best for others. In fact, it only enhances my life, for what we are willing to give away always returns to us 7 fold, no matter what it is. That's just a law of nature.

Think about it...you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. That's how it is when you trust Creator.

Mi Takuye Oyacin

Elder's Meditation of the Day - August 29

"The devastated earth, the air, water, the extinct species of mankind, animalkind, and plantkind, the drugs, suicides, family separations - these are all the result of false ceremonies."
--Barney Bush, SHAWNEE
All life is a ceremony. Every act is a ceremony creating a result in our lives. Every ceremony we do always brings results to our lives. If we do bad medicine to others, we do bad medicine to ourselves. If we keep on doing bad ceremonies, we will eventually destroy ourselves. Any time we live our lives out of harmony, we are doing bad ceremonies. Any time we treat anything with disrespect whether it is another human being or a plant or an animal, we are performing bad ceremonies. These ceremonies not only have an effect on ourselves but will simultaneously affect everything. We need to use our power well, only do good ceremonies.
My Creator, teach me only good ceremonies. Teach me ceremonies that accomplish good for all the people. Good ceremonies cause good results. Teach me ceremonies that are helpful

We can not survive, our children can not survive, our grandchildren will not survive if we continue to pay homage to those things the white culture revers. Money, fame, power, guns, war, cement, Franken-food, oil.

Weather modification is killing us:

Weather modification, chemtrails, and geo-engineering what is ...

Aug 24, 2009 ... It happens all over the world without any public approval. In Germany, Italy, the UK, China, America, all over, airplanes are leaving ...

Video results for weather modification


All these bad things we do in the name of progress....science.

We worship these people and our government...those who call themselves "Good Christians" and yet the are killing us...destroying life as we know it upon this Unci Maka (Mother Earth).

So the government poisons the air we breathe, the water we drink and now the poison our foods by allowing genetic modification:

Video results for gm food

For videos on Genetically Modified Food:



I'll continue all this on another day.... Until then I suggest you people wake up and reexamine your beliefs and those you choose to lead you....

Mi Takuye Oyacin

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keep Drilling out of Yellowstone & Greater Rockies


Act Now!Yellowstone/Greater Rockies

Keep Drilling Out of Pristine Wildlife Habitat

In the heart of Wyoming's heavily developed Powder River Basin lies the area's last pristine haven for
wildlife: the 120,000-acre Fortification Creek region, home to sage grouse, pronghorn, bobcats,
songbirds and elk. With more than 25,000 natural gas wells already surrounding Fortification
Creek, agency officials are now targeting this rare wildlife oasis for industrialization. The Bureau
of Land Management is drawing up a plan for coalbed methane gas development in the region,
but it has begun issuing drilling permits before a full environmental analysis is completed.
Without a thorough scientific review, the agency has no way of knowing the full impact of roads,
power lines, pipelines and other infrastructure on this sensitive wildlife habitat.

» Tell the BLM to keep gas wells out of Fortification Creek until it has completed a full environmental study.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Say Hell NO!

The Voice of Global Health Freedom
News, Alerts, and More Health Freedom Information
Action Items You Must Take to Protect Your Health Freedom
September 17, 2009

Urgent in this issue -

- W.H.O. vs F.D.A.
- Ron Paul Readies Vax Bill
- We Prepare for Court!

On September 15, 2009, HHS Secretary Sebelius announced to the Health and Education Committee that 4 Swine Flu vaccines were now approved for use in the general public WITHOUT ANY SAFETY TESTING whatsoever. CLICK HERE, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3532, to read Dr. Rima's virtual interview with Secretary Sebelius based her unsubstantiated, and downright dishonest, testimony before the House.

FDA's position is illogical, immoral and illegal. That is why Natural Solutions Foundation is on our way to Federal Court to stop this approval from going forward. Our case actually got stronger with Sebelius' announcement since we were about to go into Court for a Temporary Restraining Order (steeper uphill climb), but now we are suing to appeal the approval (strong case, even better chance of victory). We believe we have a very good shot at stopping the shot. Read more here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3516

Court Cases are Costly

We need your support. First of all, it is still vitally important that you continue to motivate people to take the Say NO! to vaccines with coercion Action Step. Right now, 2,070,380 emails have told state and federal legislators, Secretary Sebelius, your Governor, Secretary Napolitano and the White House that you do not accept the false choice of vaccination or incarceration. You do not want a stainless steel bracelet with an RFID chip around your writs showing that you have been vaccinated. Neither do we. So we are taking this case to Federal Court before the vaccines hit your kid's school or your hospital if you are a health worker, or anywhere else to menace you and your loved ones. We will keep you closely updated. Our legal team of renowned experts includes Constitutional experts, regulatory gurus, vaccine rights attornies and lawyers who specialize in beating up Federal Agencies. I have been part of the strategy sessions and I am awed by the power on our side. But law suits do not come cheap. We need your help and we need it now so that we can carry this suit to what we firmly expect to be a sucessful conclusion.


Tell FDA Approving Pandemic Vaccines Absent Safety Tests is Illegal

CLICK: Individuals Click Here

CLICK: Organizations Click Here

CLICK: Tell Congress You Want Safe, Labeled Non GM Food! Get Congressional Co-Sponsors for Vital GMO Label, Safety Bills

CLICK: Say 'NO!" to Foreced Vaccinations

CLICK: Force FDA to Allow Information About Health and Foods!

CLICK: Stop Compulsory Vaccination

CLICK: Tell Your Legislators to Oppose All Restrictions on Nutritional Free Speech

CLICK: Tell Legislators to Protect You From Dental Mercury

CLICK: Become a Health Freedom Community Organizer

CLICK: Say NO! to Forced Vaccines Sign the Tiburon Declaration

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love's Dream

Recently I was up at Muhu Tasen, and one of the Native men was kind enough to include me while he was telling a friend the legend of how strawberries came to be.

I will not dishonor him or the legend by telling it here, for it is not my legend to tell...but I will say that strawberries represent love and a united relationship.

The story then reminded me of a dream I had back at the end of February...the morning of the 28th. It involved the man I loved sitting watching t.v., me eating strawberries and jam on Roman Meal Wheat bread, offering him the last juicy strawberry, and then sitting next to him and leaning over to kiss his heart.

After relating the dream to that man....we got back together for one beautiful, loving, heart filling day out...and just as soon as the next day, it was all over for us. It was as if nothing had happened, an illusion...nothing more than a dream.

I'm not sure what I am trying to say here....it's just how I saw the relationship of strawberries and unconditional love in my dream come into fruition (no pun intended) for one love filled day in my life.

My sadness is that, I do not have the option of continuing in that relationship, in the manner of goodness & love that I have experienced. That the love I did experience was very like a butterfly...elusive.

Elders' Meditation: August 30th

"I started drinking more seriously, seeking refuge, seeking death actually, from a world that was feeling more and more unnatural to me. Following a painful accident related to drinking, I finally realized that I must decide whether I want to follow my grandparents or truly take up this life. Circumstances that followed led me to choose life."
--Barney Bush, SHAWNEE
My life is run by choices and decisions. Every choice I make today will carry with it the consequences of that choice. Every decision I make today will carry with it the consequences of that decision. The question I will ask myself today is, "Do I want to be happy or do I want to be right?" Which ever one I choose will have a lot to do with the consequences I will experience today. If today was the last day of my life, what choices and what decisions would I make?
Oh Great Spirit, guide my path today and help me see the value of choosing the Red Road

Ok, so like I have given in to being happy....I just kind of keep my mouth shut these days...but I miss telling some people the truth....not that they listen, so not to waste my precious breath...I'll just write it out here.

So, as I read this meditation...I think of the one I've been forced to leave behind. He's been sober 19+ years now...and he works his steps to stay sober. What I see, but do not comment to him on is his behavior otherwise.

When we were still talking to each other he'd mostly sound unhappy, he'd say he didn't want to continue with his soberball group, he didnn't want to go to work (I'm not gonna say exactly about his job, but it's not in an office 9:00-5:00), he spent more time with the group that drinks (which he said wasn't making him happy either). He's not happy with his family (mother & siblings). He wouldn't put time in our friendship/relationship...which caused me to stop making an effort as well. It's just mostly sour grapes, because in my mind, you eventually have to stand up and get on with it...being miserable is a waste of time and a huge waste of life.

I thought A.A. was about giving it up....letting go of the pain & b.s. and getting on with life, as well as getting & staying/living sober. I thought it was about trusting Creator...about working it through and past the misery. I thought it was about letting go and making life better for yourself and your loved ones.

I really thought that the steps were there to help a person get well, to heal the past traumas in their life as well as stay sober. If that is so, how can one actively work the steps and not get well? Not heal? What's the point...if your not gonna do it all the way, why bother to do it at all?