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Monday, April 10, 2017

How the World Sees the US

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Dear Syria: Sincerely Anonymous


This is exactly what the u.s. war machine wants.....

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They were headed this way under Oilbama, and the Heinous Harpy would have forced it through....

We have had Iran surrounded w/ 22+ armed forces bases for years & years.... So we will go after their resources just like we did Iraq's and those of the remainder of the Middle East that will not bow down to the Oil Companies & the Rothschilds?

We have no right what-so-ever to be in the Middle East or to dictate to any of those countries how to govern themselves or demand they turn over their resources....

FKN' wake up people and stop being the stupid sheep that the corporate run media & government trains you to be.

READ HISTORY, and not the history that the colonizers/victors have written.