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It's about Mindfulness and Respect. It's about Honesty and owning up to my foibles.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rip Off!

Sad to say, but True...  This company is sly and very adept at ripping off their customers.

Many years ago, when I first got my Internet connection I signed up
with NetZero.....  Everything was wonderful until I signed up for their paid Internet service, because as soon as I decided to cancel my paid service and switch to another Internet provider I got Ripped-Off.

I cancelled my subscription in September and then in February of the following year I changed my bank account information..... So imagine my surprise when I received a bill from NetZero statting that I owed them money for Internet service that I was not receiving.

I immediately called NetZero...they were very nice, and they agreed that they had been billing me even though their records showed that I was no longer a customer!  Of course, the young woman apologized and told me that I was due a refund of $49 and assured me that I'd be receiving it immediately.

Well, two months later, I had still not received my money but instead received a letter stating that I was being sent to collection for $33!  So once again I called NetZero and explained the situation.  Once again they agreed that they were in the wrong and that they owed me money and that I would be receiving a refund.

The refund NEVER came and I just gave up.....  Which brings me to my current problem with:
Guess who owns Classmates.com? 

Are you surprised?  I am, and I am very unhappy.....because I originally signed up for a one-year paid membership to Classmates because I wanted to contact a friend that I had lost touch with...and she was on Classmates, but they refused to give me her contact information unless I paid them for a One Year Subscription.  No problem, right?  Wrong, very wrong.

Today, I opened a Visa bill and there was a charge for $39 from Classmates.  Now I Know for a Fact, that the charge is incorrect...  I Know for a Fact, I only registered for a One Time charge.....  So, I went into my Classmates account and imagine my surprise to find out that they have me signed up for "Automatic Renewals". 

I am rather peeved about this...so I wrote them and told them to cancel my paid membership and I filed a complaint about how they do business.  I receive many many e-mails from Classmates in regards to: who viewed my profile, who signed my guestbook, who wants to contact me, reminders that it's time to update my profile, etc.  But I have NEVER Once received any type of notice that my subscription was up for "renewal" and that I had an option to opt-out or be charged for another year of service.  A service that I have not used for 2 years!

I'm not a happy camper.....  So all of you out there, just beware of United Online and their subsidiaries, because not only will they not stop charging you for services even though you have cancelled your account with them, they will very sneakily put your account on an "Automatic Renewal" system and NEVER let you know when your next bill is due or even give you the option to cancel or change your billing options!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Center for Biological Diversity

Center for Biological Diversity:

Video: Starving Polar Bear Cubs Show Warming's Tragic Effects

Some graphic -- and heartbreaking -- new video footage taken in Hudson Bay, Canada, shows the dire consequences of continued global-warming stalemate on polar bears. Shot on Nov. 23, the video shows a malnourished polar bear mother and her two starving cubs struggling to survive as one cub experiences seizures; both cubs died within two days of the filming. Polar bears depend on sea ice for key life activities, including hunting -- so as that ice melts due to global warming, finding food is increasingly difficult. Polar bears in Hudson Bay must fast throughout the warmer Canada summer and return to the sea ice to hunt when it refreezes. But each year, the sea-ice period becomes shorter: The average date it breaks up is three weeks earlier than 30 years ago, while the freeze-up is several weeks later. The western Hudson Bay polar bear population, which declined by 22 percent between 1987 and 2004, will probably be the first driven extinct by global warming.

Spurred by a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, the Obama government is now on the verge of a crucial decision on whether the polar bear should get increased protection under the Endangered Species Act. A designation of "endangered" (rather than its current "threatened" status) would negate a Bush-era loophole that prevents the Act from protecting the polar bear from its very worst threat: greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.
Watch the video now -- but be warned, it's disturbing and graphic. Then learn more about the Center's long battle to save the polar bear, get more in The Telegraph and read an account of the incident by filmmaker Daniel J. Cox.

Settlement Reached to Protect Birds From Turbines

To reduce bird kills at the deadliest wind farm in North America for birds of prey, the California Attorney General's Office this week announced a settlement agreement with the largest energy company at Altamont Pass in the San Francisco Bay Area. Turbines at Altamont annually kill massive numbers of hawks, burrowing owls, falcons, golden eagles and other raptors. Now, 40 percent of Altamont turbines will be "repowered," replacing old technology with fewer, more efficient turbines by 2015. New turbines will be sited in less risky areas for birds, according to scientific guidelines. Because bird kills will likely continue even after repowering, the company will make mitigation payments to local land-protection agencies to protect nearby raptor habitat.

Although the Center for Biological Diversity didn't sign this agreement, our efforts contributed to the outcome, and the settlement includes many measures we've advocated for. We led appeals of Altamont permits and sued energy companies for violating wildlife-protection laws. A 2007 settlement that we opposed was supposed to reduce bird deaths by half -- and that's clearly failed: Raptor fatality rates at Altamont have actually increased significantly.

The new repowering agreement is a positive step, but unfortunately it covers fewer than half the turbines. The Center will continue to watchdog Altamont and advocate for the best bird protection possible.
Read more in the San Jose Mercury News and learn about the Center's campaign to protect birds of prey at Altamont.

20,000-plus Pledge to Boycott Bluefin Tuna

Within a week of the campaign's launch, more than 20,000 people have signed on to the Center for Biological Diversity's bluefin boycott to help save the bluefin tuna from extinction. Specifically, consumers from all 50 U.S. states and 91 other countries have signed our pledge to boycott sushi restaurants with bluefin tuna on the menu. That's a crucial show of support for saving this magnificent fish from further decline due to overfishing, which has already depleted the western Atlantic bluefin by 80 percent since 1970. Yet high market prices (a single bluefin sold for $177,000 this year) still fuel rampant illegal and unreported fishing -- and the international community has so far ignored the need to impose stricter bluefin fishing quotas. The National Marine Fisheries Service this fall announced it's considering the Atlantic bluefin tuna for Endangered Species Act protection, in response to a Center petition.

Our boycott, launched Nov. 30, also calls on chefs and restaurant owners to stop serving this highly imperiled fish. Said Center attorney Catherine Kilduff, "Together, consumers and restaurant owners have a real chance to drastically reduce demand for this imperiled fish and keep it from slipping into oblivion."
Get more from EIN Press Wire. Then sign our pledge, visit (and share) our Bluefin Boycott website and Facebook page, and take further steps with our brand-new Bluefin Boycott Take-action Toolbox.

In Historic Low, Interior Pushes Congress to Delist Wolves

For the first time ever in the 40-year history of the Endangered Species Act, a U.S. interior secretary (Ken Salazar) has taken the extraordinary step of encouraging Congress to overrule the courts and the Endangered Species Act by legislatively taking wolves off the endangered species list. This comes in the face of multiple court orders striking down Salazar's previous flawed decisions to strip federal protection from endangered wolves. This is the first administration, bar none, to ask Congress to completely politicize the fate of an endangered species.

Salazar's primary targets are the northern Rockies and Great Lakes wolf populations, but bills already introduced in Congress would strip protection from the Mexican gray wolf, too, even though it's down to just 42 wild wolves and two breeding pairs. The Mexican gray wolf is far closer to extinction than recovery. Nonetheless, in a surprising and disheartening move this week, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission announced it's pushing to keep the Mexican wolf part of any delisting legislation -- claiming that despite its history of supporting the killing of wolves, the Commission can better recover them than the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Center has vigorously defended gray wolves for more than 20 years, ever since we first sued the feds to get Mexican gray wolves out of the zoo and into the wild. In 2011 we'll be ramping up efforts to beat back Salazar's plans and delisting legislation, pushing for a long-overdue nationwide wolf recovery plan, fixing the flagging Mexican wolf recovery program and stopping the killing of wolves in the northern Rockies and Great Lakes.

Read more in The Washington Post and Arizona Daily Star, watch this KRWG News video, and take action for wolves. Then please consider making a year-end donation to protect gray wolves.

Monday, November 29, 2010

For the Birds or Nuts to You

Since I was a child, thanks to my mother,  I have had a passion for seeds! Pumpkin & sunflower...I can spend hours cracking the shells between my teeth and slowly savoring those tiny salty inside morsels.

Until recently, with the influx of Armenian stores, seeds just were not readily available unless in those small overpriced packages.  Although those seeds were usually stale, they still made you crave more and one package was never enough to satisfy my craving once I began eating them.

Imagine my delight upon stumbling upon fresh seeds of both types in the local Armenian bakery....whoo hoo!  So once a week I now stop and buy a bag of seeds for myself and my mother.  I usually take my seeds home and eat them at night while working on my computer, sometimes I take them to work to share or eat at my desk...and therein lies the problem...... I like to eat them at my desk.

Two weeks back, I had some extremely good sunflower seeds.  I had shared them during our break, over Hye Kakan Kaffe, and had taken the remaining ones back to my desk  and was enjoying them while doing some paperwork.

For some reason or another I happened out to the Reference Desk where my manager was talking to the young childrens' librarian.  As I approached the desk she walked away...and my manager said to me: "I have something I have to talk to you about".  I asked him what it was and he told me he "I've gotten a complaint about you eating sunflower seeds at your desk and it is too noisy".  I wasn't very amused....in fact I was incredulous!  I told him that I couln't believe the "Pettiness" of some people...and he turned red.

Honestly....I have never once complained about the fact that the same complaining librarian will stand in front of my desk talking to the Reference Librarian, while I am trying to work, and go on ad nauseam whining about; her social life, the weddings she's in & attending, her dislike/terror of rattlesnakes & the fact that she continues to hike where they live, her dog, her friends, etc. for 45 minutes to an hour without stopping. 

What gives?  Oh, yeah....I forget, she's "special" and yammering incessantly in a high whining tone of voice isn't annoying or bothering anyone when they are trying to work..... Go figure!


30 Cents

I work in a Library.  I have for over 30 years.  The Library, like every other place of business has terms and conditions of use.  One of those is Late Item Fees, better known as OVERDUE Fines!

When a person signs for a Library Card, they accept the responsibility of proper care & use of materials as well as adhering to loan periods.

Where I work, you can borrow most items for THREE (3) weeks and renew them Three (3) times, unless there is a request/hold on that item, for a total of TWELVE (12) Weeks...that's like 84 days. 

You can renew your item by telephone, in person at ANY Library in our system, or online.  Heck, we even send you a 3-day warning e-mail as a reminder of the due date, if that's what you request.

So then, what's the big whine about a book being 1 day late and owing 30 cents? I mean, really, if you don't want to pay your fines, fine, don't.....you can still check-out materials until that magic limit is reached..... If you're decent and have a really good reason, we even consider giving you a break on your fines (as well as your arm).....

However, please remember, we do explain it ALL to you (shades of Sister Mary Ignatius) when you register for a Library Card (we even give you a printed copy of our policies).....  So GET OVER IT...pay the 30 cents but, Do NOT scream at the staff or call them nasty names as if it's their fault for your being remiss.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Horrordays Are Upon Us

 And so this is Christmas? 

Don't get me wrong...I Love the holidays, I do...I get 12 paid holidays off a year (this year I got 14-15 because of the Friday/Saturday thing)....so that's a good thing.  I get to see most of my family & friends (the ones who matter most to me).  We go out, we visit, we eat, drink & get quite jolly on the holiday!  I get to cook All the Ethnic foods from my childhood: perogie, tholma (dolma), cookies (well mom does these), borscht (no beets, the fermented Polish version), I buy tamales.....the champagne flows, as does the wine & tequila.....

Some years I have a tree, most years I don't, in fact mom hasn't had a tree for at least three years now.  I've giving up on wrapping paper...the gift bags I get @ the thrift store & 99 cents store are perfect and saves me so much time, ribbon...they look just as nice.  And, come on, let's be real, who looks at the wrapping any more.....it goes in the trash, the gift bags are re-useable!

Gifts:  what to get & for whom to buy......  Let's see, mom & I buy each other gifts throughout the year.  We go shopping together quite a bit, so if one of us sees something we'd just love to have, the other buys it.  I got my gift this year while at the County Fair, a beautiful painting of Peruvian women carrying flowers & children on their backs by R. Rivera.....  Mom just got hers two weeks ago, she was at Macy's and saw a pair of white gold diamond hoops that she wanted....she bought them, I paid her back.  Simple as that.  I buy my gifts for others all year round....sometimes I give them early and may or may not get them a second one.  I like to give gifts all during the year, I don't need an "official day" or reason....I just have it, I see it online, in the store...you like it...I give it to you!  Hey....it's the thought and it's a "Random Act of Kindness"....it's a "Let's give you some joy today" day.

So then it comes to this....for me christmas is not a "Holiday" for everyone...it is something that is forced upon the people, who are by Majority NOT "christian", in fact they are only 33% of the world's population, but obviously the "squeakiest", pun intended.  Hey, but who am I to kevetch?  I get two paid days off of work this year...and again all that scrumptious food.

New Year:  When is that, Actually?  January 1st?  December 21st?  My birthday, December 17th?  Your birthday? Rosh Hashanah?  Easter?   Vernal Equinox, March 20th/21st?   See what I mean?

Ok...I don't know where I'm going with this...they are random thoughts I have about holidays.....

I don't like shopping for gifts because I "have to".....I really hate the fact that Hallmark brings out their "christmas ornaments" in July...GAG ME!  I like to shop whenever the mood strikes me....like "If I stay in this building (work) one more minute I'm gonna kill someone....time to take a walk...I'll just go to T.J. Maxx"...  You know something like that.....I shop online, I shop when I go to Disneyland (hey the kids [of all ages] love it). I don't like crowds of people, especially ones that barge in front of me and refuse to say "Excuse Me"...or have kids running amok & screaming & grabbing EVERYTHING they want in sight!   Nope....just not gonna do it.

Why can't it always be Halloween? 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So This Is "Thanksgiving"

Today is the day that most people in the u.s. celebrate what is called "Thanksgiving".  The wasicu (white man) history books tell one thing, while the Native American history tells us a much different story...one of betrayal & slaughter.

Putting all that aside, I happen to believe that "Thanksgiving" is not just one day out of the year, but that it is 365 days out of the year. 

Each & Every morning that I get up out of bed & can function in a "normal" manner is a day of Giving Thanks.  Every morning on my way to work, I offer up a pinch of tobacco and acknowledge the gifts Tunka Shila (Creator) has seen fit to graciously bestow upon my (sometimes sorry) self.

So even though today I am home alone...I have eaten well.  I made myself a hearty soup & have prepared food for the family feast I will attend tomorrow.

I count as my blessings:
All those who Love & Support me, as well as those who do not
My cats
My comfortable home
My health & continuing sanity
My Awesome (yet dry) sense of humor
My job.... Yes, I Do LOVE My Job (Thank-you Mark)
My ability to pay my debts in a timely and higher payment manner
My vehicle
My relationship w/ Tunka Shila
My intuition
My artistic ability
My creativity in the kitchen & out
The Cannunpa
The "Medicines" I carry & those which carry me
The food I eat & the Clean water I drink...
All those who made the sacrifice(s) so I may have food, drink, shelter & "medicine", ceremony & enough to share with others
"That man"....the gourd guy
So, for myself, it is like that...And the list goes on & on & on.....

Pilamiya.....Mi Takuye Oyacin

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spirit Vessel Gourd Display

I am displaying my Spirit Gourd Vessels at:
 La Canada Flintridge Library
4545 Oakwood Ave
La Canada Flintridge, CA

Library Hours:
Mon, Tue, & Wed:             10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Thurs:                                   10:00 am - 6:00 pm 
Fri & Sat:                              11:00 am - 5:00 pm 

The one pictured above is from my private collection and is entitled: Nanuuq's Heart.

The display will run until November 31st. and prices are available upon request @ the front desk.   Gourds will also be available for purchase Saturday, December 4th @ the Library during the Friends of the Library Holiday Booksale.  A portion of the gourd sales will be donated to the Friends of the La Canada Flintridge Library      

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just What We DON'T Need for Governor

Ok: Time to be serious:

That's Double "F-You", Not Victory, You Idiots!
I'm looking at these Meg Farking Whitman ads.
Incredibly, She believes that although she has NEVER Once voted in 28 (TWENTY EIGHT) years (and she's Proud of that fact) that she has the right to run for Governor.... I'll say she hasn't a clue what the hell has been going on in this State (let alone country) if she hasn't voted.

Also...she has run eBay...and she states if she can run eBay and make it successful, she can run the State of California. LOL!   All I can say is, I stopped selling on eBay because she kept raising "Sellers' Fees", so that we were nickled & dimed for every word, photo, auction we placed.  Not only did I have to pay a fee for placing the auction, there are different prices for the different amounts of the opening bid, for placing more than one photo, headers, and font styles.   If the item sells, there is still another fee that increases depending on the amount that was paid for the item.  That's paying on both ends of the auction....it cost me more to place the auction than I ever got out of it.....I lost money selling on eBay!   Meg wins!  She got rich on that one.

Sheet...trying to get the legislature to do what you want them to do is SO NOT like running anything...it's more like Herding Cats! She sure as hell can't fire them, she sure as hell can't get them to take a cut in pay or furlough! I think the peroxide she uses on her hair has seeped into her brain!

I wish I could vote for the Terminator again, but seems as his term is over....so sad.....he at least worked for the best of the People & the State...& listened to the constituency, and he didn't accept his salary...he had enough $$$$ without nickle & diming the State into bankruptcy with greed, unlike the rest of the State Government Officials.

And...speaking of hair...the first thing I heard out of Meg's mouth on election night when she won the primary was "how awful Barbara Boxer's hair style is.....how outdated" WTF? That's important to the state? I must have missed something.....

I'm thinking the republicans are trying to find a woman who can be a "Match" for Hillary....Well, if so, they better give up...all they have given us so far are two farking Ditzy Broads:" Let's Slaughter All the Wildlife" Palin & "I've Never Voted & Proud of It" Whitman.
Come on boys...you can do better than that?  No...well then go hide in a closet, because you are not doing the people any good... Oops! I forgot, that's not on your agenda anyway!
Bow Down Before the Queen
More on Meg:                                                                                                      
Labor's Edge Articles by Steve Smith:

Whitman-Samueli Fundraiser Raises Questions

by Steve Smith
As millions of Californians continue to struggle in this economy, Meg Whitman will spend her evening today collecting huge checks from corporate insiders at the posh Corona Del Mar mansion of fellow billionaire CEO Henry Samueli.
Of course, there’s nothing unusual about candidates holding fundraisers, even billionaires like Whitman. But there’s more to meets the eye with this particular fundraiser considering the host’s background. And there’s some serious questions that need to be raised about whom exactly would have Whitman’s ear if she were to be elected governor.
Meg Whitman’s Bad Week

by Steve Smith
Every once in a while you have one of those weeks where it seems like nothing goes right. For Meg Whitman, it’s been one of those weeks.
Workers and community allies have been out in force protesting at a number of her recent appearances, she continues to get slammed from both the left and the right for her hypocrisy on immigration and other issues, top economists shredded her economic plan and polls show she’s continuing to lose support, even though she’s up on the air with wall-to-wall TV ads.


Message to Whitman: California’s Future Isn’t a Game

It’s no secret that Meg Whitman is wealthy beyond most of our wildest dreams. But few know the true cost of Whitman’s wealth. This week the California Labor Federation launched a new online video and video game that highlights Whitman’s job-slashing corporate history. Check out both the video and video game at http://www.wallstreetwhitman.com/.

Reads more about Meg:  http://www.calaborfed.org/index.php/site/author_archive/184/


Monday, September 27, 2010

Pick the 2010 Rubber Dodo Award Winner – Vote by October 3

Whoo Hoo!

All ya'll get to vote on the most dangerous environmentally dangerous a*-hole of the year!

Ready for a little environmental catharsis? Help us pick the most outrageous eco-villain of 2010.

The Center for Biological Diversity established the Rubber Dodo award in 2007 as a way to spotlight those who do their very best -- that is, worst -- to destroy wild places and drive species to extinction. The award, named after the most famous extinct species on Earth, is given out every year.

This year, we need you and everyone you know to cast a vote and send a message that endangered species can't be shoved aside for dirty oil development, petty politics or ineffectual government. So vote now for the 2010 Rubber Dodo award and then share this on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and with anyone you know who cares about protecting wild animals and plants.

Previous recipients of this prestigious faux-accolade were land speculator Michael Winer (2009), polar bear opponent Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (2008) and Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne (2007), who set a record low in the number of plants and animals he placed on the endangered species list.

There was no shortage of nominees this year: BP CEO Tony Hayward (Gulf oil spill), Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (ineffective spill response, reluctance to save imperiled species), Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter (wolf opposition) and Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell (opposing species protections, pushing dangerous oil and gas development.)

Cast your vote for the Rubber Dodo award by October 3 for one of these four or write in your own nominee. We'll announce the winner in early October.

Pick the 2010 Rubber Dodo Award Winner – Vote by October 3

Monday, September 20, 2010

"Micky Mousing It"

"Mickey Mousing It" is a term used by Grandfather Wallace Black-Elk 

? Why do people my age feel compelled to preach/teach through the Entire Inipi when they are sitting behind the bucket? Why can't they be like our Elders...saving their thoughts/words for when the door is open or before ceremony? Why won't they just shut up and let us pray? Isn't praying what we came there for?  How are we supposed to be able to hear the Spirits speak to us when all we can hear is the lecturer? Where's the respect for our prayers?

I mean...if you are so busy preaching how will you know if someone is in need of help? Aren't you supposed to be be praying for the people in the lodge & being mindful of what the purpose of the lodge is? Aren't you supposed to be taking ...care of the people in the Initi?  I don't believe you can do this if your thoughts are focused elsewhere.

This is one of the reasons I no longer go to ceremony, it seems to be about people hearing themselves preach/talk, not about helping the people who are praying (or trying to).....


Another ?: In Inipi the Elders (not my peers) always pass Mne/water after the second round as "medicine", because they know we are becoming dehydrated & going into the strongest prayer round... So why is it my contemporaries refuse to pass water to the people unless someone almost begs for it? And even then, it is given to us grudgingly. What the hell is with that? Don't people get ill from being dehydrated?

 I realize that some may choose to suffer through sacrifice, but, not all sacrifice must be accompanied by suffering....

Most of the medicine people tell us that "We are not here (in Inipi) to suffer, but to give our suffering up to the Tonka Oyate"...so why are they trying to hurt the people by depriving them of Mne?

I'm just trying to get this clear....because This Is NOT how our Elders taught us! So where do these contemporary people get these ideas?

Every time I go into a lodge, it's just so "half-way" from how my Grandfathers & Uncles & Aunties ran them.....who changed the ways of the ceremonies? When? & Why?

When the "traditional ways" of ceremony are changed, doesn't that effect the Spirits & how they relate to us? Doesn't it bother them that we take short-cuts? Doesn't it make them, just the tiniest bit upset to have the original instructions ignored?  Doesn't it make them want to ignore us?

You can tell this bothers me...so much so, that I don't even want to go to ceremony any longer, unless it's with one of the Traditional Elders....and as far as I know, there aren't too many of them remaining.

A sister of mine would accuse me of "letting people keep me away from my prayers"...well that's her limited view. They only keep me away from ceremony.....

Nothing Keeps me away from my Prayers nor from Creator..... Besides when going into a lodge where people "Mickey-Mouse it" (Grandpa Wallace's term), I feel as if I'm being kept from my prayers just through the distraction of the preaching, the explanation of every song sung, the denial of Mne, the lack of Cannunpa.....the half-wayness of the entire ceremony...keeps me distracted. Hence I stay at home....which is probably a better place for me, because then I'm not dehydrated & more at peace with the world.


MI Takuye Oyacin