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Sunday, April 26, 2015

More on Bala Falls by Grannie Laughing Eagle

Today is Peggy Peterson's birthday & as a present to herself and to the Water she has chosen to speak up about what has been happening behind the scenes at Bala & the fight to get the unnecessary hydro dam stopped for good.

For those who have not been following along at home or going to visit her at the falls, there is a hydro dam in place at Bala... it was mothballed a number of years ago since the hydro wasn't needed... it still isn't (needed), but folks see dollar signs & feel they can get a dam in place & sell the hydro down line...

I'm glad she has chosen to speak publicly despite the potential hardships; folks need & deserve to hear the truth...

The truth is; the pressure is on because tourist season is right around the corner & folks WILL NOT BE impressed nor very happy when they discover the community of Bala has been cut off from the outside world by the construction of a hydro dam at Bala Falls.

(new) dam would block one of the two main community access roads possibly indefinitely...this project has been held up courtesy of Peggy & her one woman defense of Bala, the Water, the Falls, the Trees, & Sacred Land ... 

She understands that protecting the land, and the water is a sacred responsibility...

Sometimes we need to stand alone; Peggy isn't doing this for Peggy..she's doing it for the land, the waters & the future generations...

That's what we're supposed to be doing...and we're supposed to be doing it in a sacred, respectful manner supporting each other...

The disrespect of Peggy is tied to the disrespect of the land and the water..of all our so called 'resources'...  In the indigenous way... these 'resources' are gifts given to us by Creator for the benefit of all... not just the few or the one. 

On this day we honour our strong warrior sister for her continued defense of this our sacred Turtle Island, Big Turtle at the Bala Falls ...

Tobacco has been given (and accepted) not once but several times for her continued efforts in protecting Turtle Island...

All of Turtle Island is sacred..and the sacred is not for sale!

Grand Canyon & Its New Mall


A Mall In The Grand Canyon? Developers Want To Build A $1 Billion ‘Entertainment Complex’ Inside Canyon

Grand Canyon
While most people visit the Grand Canyon to experience one of the natural wonders of the world, visitors may soon be surprised to find a $1 billion entertainment complex, which will include an IMAX theater, mall and restaurants, inside of the East Rim of the canyon. Developers are working on plans to build the mega complex, called the Grand Canyon Escalade, in the canyon with the help of the Navajo Nation.
NBC News reports that a developer group called Confluence Partners wants to create a place for the more than 5 million annual Grand Canyon visitors to converge on the East Rim of the park. A new 420-acre attraction costing $1 billion is in the planning phase which would provide tourists a variety of amenities within the canyon itself.
“Their plans for the canyon’s rim include a multimedia complex with an IMAX theater, retail shops, hotels, an RV park and a gondola tram that would take visitors 1.6 miles to the canyon floor in ten minutes. Confluence Partners has also drawn up plans for a ‘Riverwalk’ on the canyon floor that would include elevated connected walkways, a food pavilion, a tramway station, a terraced seating area and a wastewater package plant.”
The project is planned to be built on land owned by the Navajo Nation as they took over leasing rights from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This means that the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Federal National Parks will have no say in the construction of the project. Instead, the Navajo Nation will give final approval on whether or not the project can be built inside one of America’s most well-known natural wonders.
It seems that the Navajo Nation is on board with the plan as the Navajo-Hopi Observerreports that the tribe plans to “pay for the off sites, meaning they will lease the property to the Navajo Hospitality Enterprise. The Escalade project has a development agreement with the Hospitality Enterprise which will be titled to the Navajo Nation. The Escalade development will have a 50 year operating agreement.”
Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly says he plans to green light the project in hopes of creating economic stability for his people.
“I come here and I look from that view as the President, as the guardian of the Navajo people and our nation… and say, ‘what can I give to my families and my people?’ The only conclusion I got from that is that they need jobs, they need homes. They need good homes. They need better education. They need to get involved in a lot and create business.”
However, Renae Yellowhorse, a Navajo tribe member, says the land is a place of great significance to the Navajo people and is called called “the confluence.” This is the area where the Colorado River meets the Little Colorado River on the canyon’s east side. According to the Navajo creation story, “the confluence” is where their people first emerged.
“It is my church, it is where I say my prayers. It is where I give my offerings. It’s where I commune with the holy ones, the gods that walk along the canyon. We are for economic development. Just not here at this place.”
Some members of the Hopi tribe who own land near the development are also concerned about the potential of a commercialized complex at the site. Leigh J. Kuwanwisiwma, Director for the Hopi Tribe’s Cultural Preservation Office, says the landscape is part of the heart of the Hopi people and would be ruined by the development.
“In many respects, it’s a landscape that is really ingrained in our hearts as Hopi people.”
What do you think about the prospect of an entertainment complex inside of the Grand Canyon? Should the Navajo Nation be able to give a final green light for a project that would affect the overall look of a national park such as the Grand Canyon?
[Image Credit: Getty Images/ John Moore]

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