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For me it is All About Being of Service & Living the Life of the Give-Away....

Being Mindful of those who are unable to speak for themselves; our Non-Two Legged Relations and the Future Generations.

It's about walking on the Canka Luta Waste Behind the Cannunpa and the ceremonies.

It's about Mindfulness and Respect. It's about Honesty and owning up to my foibles.

It's about: Mi Takuye Oyacin

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nine Months @ Bala Falls

"So tomorrow is May 1st 2015..Peggy Peterson has been on site here at Bala Falls since Sept 1st 2014...

That's nine months folks...nine whole months, since she was first given and accepted tobacco as a guardian of the Bala Falls ...

Despite the theft of her possessions

Despite the theft of several Canadian flags & the Wahta flag

Despite the loss of employment

Despite the severing of the connections between her & the Save the Bala Fallsorganization which claims to be supporting her

Despite being excluded from all their evenings, meetings, and being told to pack up & go home several times 

Despite the harassment, of being denied internet connections 

Despite being lied about & the shunning which has divided the community of Bala (which really needs to work together even more then ever) 

Despite the threats of violence, the lack of support from both the provincial & federal sectors of Idle No More....

The community at Wahta (who even though they have not been consulted about this whole thing) are well aware of what Peggy is doing & have been since day one. 

Peggy is still on site doing her level best (most often alone) all last fall, all winter & now half of this spring...to protect: the trees, designated as historic; the land which carries several historical designations; and the historic portage, Moon River which is one of the last direct connections between the Muskoka lakes & Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR) of which Bala is a part....from a hydro project that neither the community of Bala, nor the Province of Ontario needs or will benefit from... Also for which despite words to the contrary the Ontario tax payers will be picking up the tab, mostly through our hydro bills.

Even though we may not be visible every day, Peggy has her loyal true supporters...and she would definitely appreciate seeing some friendly faces coming out to support her and spend some time enjoying the beauty of the Falls especially now during spring run off....as well as to pass the hat in order to help out with groceries, gas & internet access.

For the local FN folks..it doesn't matter what treaty the area is covered under or even if it isn't covered (unceded); all land is sacred and that includes Bala, Ontario Canada.

This is what our ancestors taught us.. All of this Land here is Turtle Island...

Big Turtle..all sacred...trees, critters, earth & especially the water...


Takes a lot of courage to stand up for one's convictions the way Peggy is doing...walking her talk, one woman making a stand with the trees, Mother Earth and Mother Water guardian of Bala Falls."

Grannie Laughing Eagle

We're a "christian" Nation? I Think Not

Inside the World’s 

Largest Free Kitchen


.......Everyone eats the same food being dished out by the volunteers: dal, vegetables, and a thick South Asian rice pudding called kheer. It is lunchtime at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, and of the nearly 100,000 people who eat here on an average day, not a single one of them will pay for the food they consume. Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?

A meal of this scale is made possible by a cadre of volunteers and an astonishing amount of raw materials: 12,000 kilos of flour,  1,500 kilos of rice, 13,000 kilos of lentils, and up to 2,000 kilos of vegetables. While much of the work is done by hand, a mechanized oven and conveyor belt turn out 200,000 rotis on a daily basis. The langar, as it’s called, never closes—and even late at night, pilgrims will stop by for a meal.


Nearly 500 years ago, a Sikh guru living in the Indian subcontinent introduced a revolutionary idea when it comes to the consumption of food. The idea was simple enough: a place should exist where everyone, regardless of religion or social status, could sit on the ground together as equals and eat the same food. The philosophy behind this free meal was a radical departure from the prevailing norms, where caste hierarchies decided what you ate and with whom you ate it.........

Tradition tells that Guru Nanak, the first Sikh guru, disappeared at the age of 30 after having a vision. Three days later, he reappeared, saying only that “there is no Hindu, and there is no Musalman [Muslim].” With these words, and the belief attached to them that all are equal before God, the Sikh faith was born. At the core of Sikh teachings about equality and oneness is the langar, a free community kitchen where everyone is welcome regardless of social or religious distinctions. The langar at the Golden Temple is a living example of the Sikh faith’s rejection of the notion of caste.


Ok, no phone service for 24 hours, online reporting system is also down....

Maybe Tuesday, I'll have phone service..... I'm too busy this week to have stay home & wait for someone to call me.... 

I'm like, why can't the guy just fix the line? Why do I have to be home? Last time he disconnected my internet by mistake.

Also, we have a problem, I still have to go through the "voice mail" robot to get my call connected. It asks me about my pc & internet (But I'm calling about my telephone) and states that it knows I've been online trying to get telephone repair, but I'm given the Indian (as in INDIA) internet service people.....

I live in CA, NOT India..... I want to talk to people in the Ca office, but nooooo that's not Possible (they don't take calls).

Another thing is...... You make an appointment: Between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Do you get a time frame? The time frame is anywhere between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, so yes, I have to be home ALL Fking day...... and I have to be over 18 to have the guy come fix the box!

Can the nice lady in India do anything to help me? Nope!

"Ok, ma'am, we'll "Text" you before they come...."
"Oh no you won't, I don't "Txt"....."
"Ok, we'll call you....."
"Fine, call me, but my phone doesn't work, you might want to call my cell....."
"What is that number, ma'am?"
"I don't know I never call it! and I have to hang up, to look it up!"
"Oh well ma'am is your cell 123-345-5678?"
"Well yes it is! How can you know that?"


Freaking Verizon.....

But I'll tell you what I just now figured out.....

Besides the main reason (slave wages & Bigger Corporate Profits) for having your "customer service" call centers in India & not CA is;

If I was on the line w/ me, who is always having connection & service problems and tend towards frustration & crankiness or someone infinitely crazier..... I'd Hang-up and let the person call back, and the people in India are too polite to do that.

Sad thing is that the people in India, are very nice people...... and it is not their fault they work for a crappy company whose bottom line is neither customer or utility services.

I Don't Fking Believe This......

Verizon Robot just called me & cancelled my service call, because I didn't choose the Right Button to Press..... Because it WAS A FKING ROBOT that does not explain options!

Now I'm online "chat"

A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.

Agent Lubna has joined. (14:05:12)

Lubna : Chat ID for this session is 04301535867. (14:05:12)

Thank you for contacting Verizon FIOS technical chat support. My name is Lubna, may I have your telephone number please ?

(14:05:38): I just spent 1/2 hour on the phone trying to get repair service

(14:05:59): I was given a service date: Tuesday May 5th 12:00-5:00

(14:06:09): and then your voicemail robot called me

(14:06:21): and cancelled the service ticket

(14:06:33): I'm pretty angry right now

(14:06:46): I checked all my phones

(14:06:59): I switched them ALL Around

(14:07:23): I still have no service except a sound like I'm connected to silence

(14:07:36): This is not an inside line problem

(14:07:46): because not any of the phones work...

(14:07:51): because not any of the phones work...

(14:08:11): Your online reporting system hasn't worked for over 12 hours

Lubna(14:08:11)Oh! not to worry at all on this, I am here to check the status of the ticket, if you have the ticket number with you please help me with that or the telephone number.

(14:08:29): so I can not report the problem online

(14:08:37): 123-345-5678

Lubna(14:09:17)I am here to check on this.

Lubna(14:10:03)I see that you use copper service, I do not have any information on this, but I will connect you to the concerned team and they will check why the ticket was canceled at the first.

Lubna(14:10:13)Please stay connected, I am transferring you now.

This session is being transferred. (14:10:19)

This session is being transferred. (14:10:19)

This session is transferred to Anne. (14:10:44)

Agent Anne has joined. (14:10:44)

Anne(14:11:34)Thank you for contacting HSI repair support. My name is Anne.


(14:11:49): hi

(14:12:04): 123-345-5678

Anne(14:12:20)I see that you are facing an issue with the phoen, right?


(14:12:24): your automatic call-back Robot cancelled my repair request

(14:12:31): I am NOT HAPPY

(14:13:03): I have taken ALL The steps, except go to the outside box (because I do not know where that is)

(14:13:14): and I still have no dial tone.

(14:13:28): It sounds as if I am stillconnected to some other phone

Anne(14:13:44)I'm really sory for the inconvenience..

(14:13:46): another number, & I can sometimes hear a busy signal

(14:13:55): but otherwise no service

(14:14:15): If all the lines are down, then it isn't inside

(14:14:20): If all the lines are down, then it isn't inside

Anne(14:14:41)I wish I coukd help you, but Ideally these kind of issues are dealt with by our Locak Telephone Repair Team. We in Technical department deal with any kind of issues related to the DSL High Speed Internet which has technical snag in it.

(14:15:25): Then why did your online phone repair give me a chat bix

(14:15:40): Just get my service ticket back

(14:15:44): and if you can not

(14:16:08): then I want to know why the first agent I "chatted" with wasn't informed enough to know that/

Anne(14:17:43)I'm sorry about that..

Anne(14:18:23)Please helpme with the best nymber so that I will cakll you and connect you to the team.

(14:19:31): 818-818-8181

(14:19:46): BTW I'm still having SLOW DSL problems

(14:19:49): everyday

(14:19:56): at least 3-4 times

(14:20:01): different times

(14:20:05): i lose connection

Anne(14:23:36)Does the phone line has a filter?

(14:23:57): are you there?

(14:24:00): are you alive?

Anne(14:24:16)Yes, I'm here..

(14:25:29): you are too quiet

(14:25:38): where are we?

(14:25:41): what is going on

Anne(14:26:31)WEll, please help me with the number so that I can call you and I will conect you to the local telephone repair team

(14:26:56): I gave it to you

Anne(14:27:21)Thank you!

(14:27:25): 818-391-8541

Anne(14:27:40)I will call you and connect you to the team, is that Okay with you?

(14:27:43): yes the inside phones have filters


(14:27:51): fine

Anne(14:27:57)Thank you!

Anne(14:28:08)I will call you right away.

(14:28:11): i unplugged the filters to test

Anne(14:28:11)PLease answer my call

(14:28:28): and still sounds like there is an open line someplace else

(14:28:56): the phone has to ring before I can answer


(14:36:22): Those incompetent people told me they can not make the request and have me on hold

(14:36:46): the girl is now on the line: Miyoshi

Anne(14:37:42)PLease tell them to schedule a technician for you

(14:38:23): i'm trying to get to that

Manoah : Chat ID for this session is 04301535867. (14:40:24)

Manoah(14:40:39)Thank you for contacting HSI repair support. My name is Manoah. May I confirm your telephone number as 818-951-0192 ?

(14:40:55): yes

Manoah(14:41:51)Thank you for confirming the number.

Manoah(14:42:07)Hi Kimberly. I apologize for the run around.

Manoah(14:42:32)Please give me a moment, while I go through the previous chat.

(14:42:37): ok

(14:42:50): they have rescheduled the appointment.

(14:44:31): I'm sorry, I am tired and I have had enough......

(14:44:43): and I'm going to disconnect

(14:44:53): But I am going to tell you right now

(14:45:05): and please make a note of this for Verizon.

(14:45:17): Your customer service is crappy

(14:45:23): It is not the people

(14:45:40): it is how many people I have to speak to in order to get help for my problem

(14:46:12): it is the voice mail Robot that wastes time from the beginning of the call.. wanting useless information

Manoah(14:46:18)My sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. However, I assure you that I do my best to resolve the issue.

(14:46:19): programmed to make guesses

(14:46:37): and then calling me back and canceling the service request....

(14:46:53): Is too late

Manoah(14:46:58)Sure! Please give me a minute..

(14:47:08): I have to wait until Tuesday now, for a tech to come here

Manoah(14:48:33)I see that our collegue have called you and put you on conference with our Telephone Expert Team. Am I correct ?

(14:48:47): "Expert" LOL!

(14:48:49): yes

Manoah(14:49:40)Did you speak with our Telephone Team ?

(14:49:45): yes

(14:50:00): and as I say, there has been a rescheduled appointment

Manoah(14:51:21)Please be assured, our telephone team will fix the issue for you.

Manoah(14:52:22)Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

(14:53:18): nothing just please let Verizon know their system is arcane and basically useless

(14:53:29): they need to streamline & be more efficient

(14:53:51): AND they need LOCAL Customer Service, not in India, TX, FL

(14:53:54): or anywhere else

Manoah(14:55:05)I will right away update this feedback..

(14:55:24): Thank-you have a nice day, I am disconnecting

Now, I have India calling me...  
They will get me someone else to schedule the repair service?
F**k F**k F**k Verizon

I have spent over 2 hours with these people.....
As I said, it is not the people, it is the Corporation and how they set things up!

F**k F**k F**k Verizon