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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just What We DON'T Need for Governor

Ok: Time to be serious:

That's Double "F-You", Not Victory, You Idiots!
I'm looking at these Meg Farking Whitman ads.
Incredibly, She believes that although she has NEVER Once voted in 28 (TWENTY EIGHT) years (and she's Proud of that fact) that she has the right to run for Governor.... I'll say she hasn't a clue what the hell has been going on in this State (let alone country) if she hasn't voted.

Also...she has run eBay...and she states if she can run eBay and make it successful, she can run the State of California. LOL!   All I can say is, I stopped selling on eBay because she kept raising "Sellers' Fees", so that we were nickled & dimed for every word, photo, auction we placed.  Not only did I have to pay a fee for placing the auction, there are different prices for the different amounts of the opening bid, for placing more than one photo, headers, and font styles.   If the item sells, there is still another fee that increases depending on the amount that was paid for the item.  That's paying on both ends of the auction....it cost me more to place the auction than I ever got out of it.....I lost money selling on eBay!   Meg wins!  She got rich on that one.

Sheet...trying to get the legislature to do what you want them to do is SO NOT like running anything...it's more like Herding Cats! She sure as hell can't fire them, she sure as hell can't get them to take a cut in pay or furlough! I think the peroxide she uses on her hair has seeped into her brain!

I wish I could vote for the Terminator again, but seems as his term is over....so sad.....he at least worked for the best of the People & the State...& listened to the constituency, and he didn't accept his salary...he had enough $$$$ without nickle & diming the State into bankruptcy with greed, unlike the rest of the State Government Officials.

And...speaking of hair...the first thing I heard out of Meg's mouth on election night when she won the primary was "how awful Barbara Boxer's hair style is.....how outdated" WTF? That's important to the state? I must have missed something.....

I'm thinking the republicans are trying to find a woman who can be a "Match" for Hillary....Well, if so, they better give up...all they have given us so far are two farking Ditzy Broads:" Let's Slaughter All the Wildlife" Palin & "I've Never Voted & Proud of It" Whitman.
Come on boys...you can do better than that?  No...well then go hide in a closet, because you are not doing the people any good... Oops! I forgot, that's not on your agenda anyway!
Bow Down Before the Queen
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Whitman-Samueli Fundraiser Raises Questions

by Steve Smith
As millions of Californians continue to struggle in this economy, Meg Whitman will spend her evening today collecting huge checks from corporate insiders at the posh Corona Del Mar mansion of fellow billionaire CEO Henry Samueli.
Of course, there’s nothing unusual about candidates holding fundraisers, even billionaires like Whitman. But there’s more to meets the eye with this particular fundraiser considering the host’s background. And there’s some serious questions that need to be raised about whom exactly would have Whitman’s ear if she were to be elected governor.
Meg Whitman’s Bad Week

by Steve Smith
Every once in a while you have one of those weeks where it seems like nothing goes right. For Meg Whitman, it’s been one of those weeks.
Workers and community allies have been out in force protesting at a number of her recent appearances, she continues to get slammed from both the left and the right for her hypocrisy on immigration and other issues, top economists shredded her economic plan and polls show she’s continuing to lose support, even though she’s up on the air with wall-to-wall TV ads.


Message to Whitman: California’s Future Isn’t a Game

It’s no secret that Meg Whitman is wealthy beyond most of our wildest dreams. But few know the true cost of Whitman’s wealth. This week the California Labor Federation launched a new online video and video game that highlights Whitman’s job-slashing corporate history. Check out both the video and video game at http://www.wallstreetwhitman.com/.

Reads more about Meg:  http://www.calaborfed.org/index.php/site/author_archive/184/