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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Say NO to Grovernment Food Control

What Do You Call 1.1 Million Emails
To Protect Our Supplements and Clean, Unadulterated Food?




Natural Solutions Foundation
Emergency Health Freedom Action eAlert
The Voice of Global Health Freedom™

Permalink: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4683

Tom Harkin's fake "Food Safety" bill, S 510 and John McCain's
fake "Supplement Safety" bill S 3002 are dangerous to your
health and deadly to your freedom!

How to stop them? Generate Huge Opposition and GROW it
by dissemination! We are pleased to say that about 16
health freedom and consumer groups have followed our
lead and taken up this battle. That is wonderful.
Our momentum and leadership are what you, and the
other groups, rely on. Our numbers are what the
decision-makers respond to.

Take Action Now for Each Member of Your Family and Pass It On to Everyone You Know


This Valentine's Day, You'll be Saying "I Love You, Codex"
1,000 times Over If You Choose To Do Nothing
Join NSF's NO GMO Forum, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/no-genetically-modified-foods/join

This is in response to an email bemoaning (quite correctly
, as it happens) what is happening to the US and its food
supply. But rather than just bemoan it, I have a different
take on the situation.

First, a true story:

Years ago, just after General Bert and I founded the Natural
Solutions Foundation, I contacted the founder and
president of the major glyconutrient MLM and told
him that he would be put out of business if Codex
was permitted to ratify the 2005 Vitamin and Mineral
Guideline. I knew that without support from the
wellness industry as well as consumers, it would
be ratified on July 4, 2005 at the Codex Alimentarius
Commission, as, indeed, it was.

He told me, through his special assistant, that he was
not worried because he had been promised that if he
helped to bring in Codex into the US and Canada, his
"reward" would be that his would be the only line of
nutrients available in the EU.

I asked him what about the people who depended upon
his products here, and firmly believed that they were
the reason that cancer, autism, ADD and a host of other
serious diseases and disorders were either gone or under control.
The answer?

"Business is Business!"

This man was also deeply involved with the MLM industry organization.

End of true story.

The writer of the post on the GMO forum said that
she had been fighting this battle for a long time.
I have been fighting this war for a long time, too.

It is clearly up to us, each one of us. So here is my
question to you all, each and every one of you: What
are YOU doing to organize your community, to take the
call for a total ban on GMOs and the fight against
the McCain/Harkin bills, S 3002 and S 510, to your
communities of interest?

Have you been out to your local farmers' market,
your health food stores armed with flyers and
Action Item information and directions?

Have you sent emails with the action items out to
every single person on your lists with a short note
saying this is important to you and you believe it
is important to them, too?

Have you written or called the supplement companies
you are buying products from, asked if their materials
are free of GMO sources, how do they know and,
if not, what they are doing about replacing them
so that they are free of them?

Have you asked your tea and coffee, snack and other
food companies if their products are free of GMOs
and, as above, how do they know and what are they

doing to change that?

Have you stopped, absolutely stopped, buying prepared
and prepackaged foods, totally, unless they say
"Organic" (even then, there is a serious problem,
but it is considerably better than other foods)?

Have you stopped buying anything but organic foods
in all forms an, if there is an economic problem,
made other compensatory changes
(fewer chips, sodas, bottled water - fill a glass bottle
with your own and take it with you)?

If not, inaction will cost us the battle. Either
each and every one of us is either a warrior
or we are not. Are you?

I know you are busy. That is exactly what the other
side is counting on.
I know you feel powerless. That, too, is exactly what
they are counting on.
I know you feel over whelmed. Guess what?
They are counting on that, too.

We have the numbers IF we use them.

They have the dollars and they are absolutely
using them.

So here is the battle plan:

Go here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4608 and read this then take action here: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26714

to stop the McCain and Harkin bills (S. 3002 and S. 501)
that WILL repeal DSHEA and thus destroy our right to
access supplements to bring us into HARMonization
with Europe, where this has already happened and
WILL totally industrialize the entire US food supply.

We've already generated 1.099,240 emails already but
that's just the beginning. Let's make it 10 times
that many. Remember to ask everyone to take the
action once for each member of their household.

Next, go here, http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=2049

, to ban ALL GMOs. We have only generated 39,883 emails
on this Action Item. That means that the people on this
list and their friends may care, but not enough to act
strongly. This is actually quite surprising, since polls
repeatedly show that well over 80% of Americans do not
want GMO foods in their cupboards, their foods or their
bodies. So it would seem reasonable that this list
would be very close to 100% in its opposition to this
type of adulterant in its food since freedom alone,
and health aside, I cannot imagine anyone one who is a
Natural Solutions Foundation supporter agreeing that
secret, untested, dangerous and biosphere contaminating
food should be forced upon to make us sick without our
having any say in the matter. We agree. Act now.

Take these Actions and then disseminate these
items asking everyone you know to take action
and then disseminate it the same way.

If we are a nation of sheep and we do not know
it, we are, I suppose, not to blame.

If we know what is happening and we act like sheep
, then we are to blame.

Let's take our collective awareness and spearhead
the drive to own our own bodies and reclaim our freedom!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

Idiocy of the Decade: CDC announces '57 Million People

Have Swine Flu!'


This is the most astonishing, and laughable incidence of
propaganda puffery gone wild that I can remember in ages.
I sent this to a friend and here is what he wrote back
to me. Be sure to read the quote at the end of his
letter to understand his intent:

<< Rima, GET REAL! 1.67 Swine Flu cases per person in the US is very logical. You need to stop trying to think things through and do what you are told! Who do you think you are trying to second guess The Los Angeles Times? Why they are one of the most credible sources and you know it. << By questioning my known, reliable sources, you are taking away my comfort zone and I don't appreciate it. Please stop it and start conforming, go with the flow and start doing what you are told for once, will you? Please! << It is people like you that will make it necessary to censor the web so we can go back to only having credible TV and newspaper media sources again. << Please stop it before I report you !!!!!!! Your friend, [Name withheld by request] ~ "It really almost makes you ask the question would it have been better if we had never invented the internet..." ~ Jay Rockefeller 2009 >>

[With the likes of Rockefeller and Gore claiming to have
'invented' the Internet, I guess we now know where those
geek engineers got the idea... NOT!- REL]

Obviously, my friend wrote a tongue in cheek missive to
point out what the MMD, Media of Mass Deception, is trying
to impose on us.

But ask yourself for a moment, in the face of the lies
and deceit you are being fed daily, what time, effort
and other resources have you commtted TODAY to changing
this dangerous march to suppression and oppression.

If the answer is, "None", you need to reassess your
priorities. If the answer is, "Some, but not enough",
you are on the way to making a better decision.
If the answer is, "Here I am, ready to do more -
I have already taken all the Action Steps for
each member of my family and have sent out the
Health Freedom Action eAlert to everyone I can
reach, what can I do next?", you are a Health Freedom Hero.

Thank you for your activism. This is everyone's fight
and that means that everyone needs to put their shoulder
to the wheel. Of course, part of that
shoulder-to-the-wheel-ism is helping make financial
resources possible.

Managing Resources is a Serious Matter For Any Army

Have you set up your recurring tax exempt donation yet?
If so, thanks! You are one of about 4% of our supporters
who make donations. Of course, that is hardly fair.
We are fighting this battle for everyone, not just the
4% of our supporters who donate. If everyone made large
or small donations on a regular basis, we would have
the resources we need and would not have to ask you for money again!


Why do we need resources? Well, there is the vitally
important Stop the Shot litigation through which we
intend to STOP all influenza AND H1N1 vaccine use
since they are deeply illegal under the existing laws
and regulations of the Untied States. If your donation
end in the number "6", the funds will be earmarked for
our legal activities.


Then there is Codex, the New Food Order, the destroyer
of clean food, nutrition and nutrients. On may 3-7, 2010
, Codex will hold its annual Codex Committee on
Food Labeling, a vitally important meeting, in Canada.

If you want us there, now is the time to start making
donations, because that is the ONLY way we are going to
get there. You know that there are at least 3 Codex
meetings this year that you want us to attend for you.
Instead of a last minute emergency, let's start
accumulating the money to go to them - that way,
we can plan on attending them, spend the necessary
time doing the preparatory research, buy our tickets
early to get better prices, make arrangements to meet
national delegates for meetings, etc.

If you want daily video reports on what Codex
is up to like this one,


then it's up to our dedicated Health Freedom Mouse
Warriors to make sure that we have the money to get there.

The Natural Solutions Foundation is working for your
health and your health freedom in the most creative,
diverse and effective ways, which is why it is the
largest health freedom organization in the world.

But, not surprisingly, it needs resources to run: human
resources, energetic resources and financial resources.
We are the Health Freedom team, you and the Natural
Solutions Foundation. And we ARE playing a good game
of defense. The more resources we have, the better our
game of offense gets!

Aspartame: How Sweet It Isn't!

By the way, did you know that Ajinimoto, a major
manufacturer of aspartame (owned by Monsanto, of course)
has changed its name to "AminoSweet". Isn't that
comforting, comfortable and contemptible?

And did you also know that since fully 75% of all
complaints filed with the FDA's Adverse Reaction
Monitoring System in 1995 were aspartame related,
the FDA ceased accepting aspartame related complaints
in response?

More Ways To Serve You: Natural Solutions Foundation
Launches New Website

Did you know that the Natural Solutions Foundation has
a new website? Take a look at www.DrRima.net where
you will find all of my latest recommendations. You
already know that every time you purchase something from www.ValleryoftheMoonCoffee.org






or any of our MLM sites you are supporting the vigor
of the Natural Solutions Foundation AND getting outstanding
products for yourself.

"Dr. Rima Recommends" has become such a popular part
of our Health Freedom Action eAlert that we decided
to give you more of my recommendations and more in-depth
information. The site is already up, and it will be
growing rapidly to make more of my recommendations,
based on 40 years of medical and psychiatric practice without drugs.

You know, from a wellness industry point of view, we live
in a fascinating time: the illness care industry wants
to kill our wellness care products, which includes
healthy food, of course, because they are so effective.
Being effective, they are the logical and most significant
economic competitors to drugs, vaccines and other substances
of ineffective, but highly profitable permanent marketing

Why do I say that drugs/vaccines nothing more than
permanent marketing strategies? Simple: they weaken
your immune system, do organ damage and make you sick
so you have to take more meds and more vaccines and more
and more and more. From my perspective as a drug free
physician and psychiatrist, I can see absolutely no place,
whatsoever, none!, for drugs in any part of medicine
but emergency rooms and operation rooms. But think
of the reaction of Big Pharma to that reality. Codex
is part of it, the lap-dog, stunningly corrupt FDA
and all the Direct to Consumer advertising they permit
is part of it, the vicious attacks on good health care
practitioners who do not use drugs are part of it. The
Mc Cain and Harkin bills are part of it. GMO "food" is, too.

That IS all part of the marketing model.

And, remember, that the agricultural chemicals and
GMOs that make you sick are made by drug companies.
This is no accident.

So our strategy is really, really simple:

1. Get the truth out on the internet that Sen. Jay
Rockefeller regrets our ever having gotten hold of
and on radio and by every other means of which we can think

2. Formulate effective strategies and them implement them
through effective tactics (that is where you come in!)

3. Garner the assets, including activists, domestic and
international friends to what we are doing, finances and
keep doing it better and better and better.

4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 over and over and over.

We need and appreciate your activism! Email me at

with ORGANIZER'S HANDBOOK in the subject line and
we'll send you our organizing ebook, so you can
"think globally and act locally..." Spread these
Health Freedom Action eAlerts and help make the
message "go viral!"

And Here are Important Dr Rima Recommends Messages

We've started to develop a new network, just to bring
you the best of Dr Rima Recommends, www.DrRima.net -
we'll feature various outstanding items from our

www.Organics4U.org and

www.NaturalSolutionsMarketplace.org pages, too.

Remember, the EPA and FDA are, in a separate action,
trying to take nano and colloidal silver off the market,
just as the European Food Supplements Directive has
succeeded in doing there as of January 1, 2010.
Silver is an illegal substance in Europe.

Why? Because silver is the universal antibiotic and would
destroy a vast pharmaceutical market if enough people
knew about it. After investigation, I personally
recommend the nano silver available at

www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions, Silver Biotics.

I would start laying in a supply now. Although the product
carries an "expiration date", there is no evidence of which
I am aware to suggest that Silver Biotics has a significantly
limited shelf life.

Cognitive Enhancement?
It's Mind Control, Alright, You Controlling Your Own Mind!

General Bert and I continue experiencing extraordinary
results with our Cognitive Enhancement Pack (me) and
Senior Cognitive Enhancement Pack (Gen. Bert) which are
literally astonishing.

http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4558 or www.DrRi
issues we must respond to, battles we must win, victories
we must achieve.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow MD
Natural Solutions Foundation
Food Freedom eJournal
International Decade of Nutrition
Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project
Valley of the Moon Coffee

Virtual Malls Supporting Health Freedom




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