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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Protect CA's Clean Air: Stop Valero & Prop 23!

Valero wants to abolish our "Clean Air Act", because they are unwilling to clean up their oil refineries in California....  They continually do not come up to CA's clean air standards and are one of the major polluters in our state.

The president of Valero (TX) recently stated in an e-mail that he is "running a business and making profits is more important than CA's clean air".

Amazing isn't it.....  Well I say it's time to stop the poisoning of our air and say "NO" to Valero & Prop 23 and "YES" to clean air.

Did you hear that Valero, a Texas oil company, just gave another $3 million to the campaign to repeal our anti-pollution and green jobs law?

I just joined the Courage Campaign and CREDO Action in pledging to stop Valero and vote "no" on Prop 23, their dirty energy proposition, on the November ballot. Will you join me?