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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vehicle Shopping: Enterprise Car Rental Dealership

I honestly understand wanting to make a sale....

What I do NOT understand is, when a customer returns your e-mail and graciously declines to do business with you, and tells you that she did not see anything she liked on your site and has decided, with the advice of her MOST LOYAL TRUSTED Mechanic, to keep her car a bit longer.... 

Why you as a salesman can not just thank her for her time.  Why do you feel the need to write a snarky e-mail disrespectfully challenging her choice?  Are you so stupid as to think that she won't cut you off, complain to the referral agency and write about it on her Blog?

You, Mr. Enterprise Car Salesman are a fool, and you have lost a potential customer.

Vehicle Shopping: Honda CR V

Isn't this the cutest car? 

Well, I thought so too until I went to see it in person.  I went to look at it based on Consumers' Reports 2008/09 Car Buying Guide.

Honda CR V, got the "BEST BUY" rating, but I'm not sure quite how that happened.  I mean, I've been researching cars (Mustangs) and SUVs for two months now and when I read about the Honda CR V, I was convinced I had found the SUV of my dreams.

Sad to say, this turned out to not be so.

I need a vehicle I can go camping in, so the seats have to fold down flat.  Well the back seat fold down, but with a 30ยบ angle, which does not make for good sleeping.  So the salesman showed me that the seat moved up all the way....um, the bottom of the vehicle was exposed, and it is in no way flat, it is bumpy in order to fit all those non-flat things on the chassis.

In between the front seats where my Ford Explorer has a cup holder, arm rest, and compartment.... the CR V had a cheap plastic cup holder & flat area, but there was nothing underneath,,, it just flipped down to the exposed floor.

There is no sleeping in the front seats, which do fold down, because  your legs are still bent at the knees...

So, then I went to a newer model.....  Um, the salesman folded down the rear seats, again not flat and when I got in to see how long it was, for sleeping..... Well, Ah ha ha ha ha ha, my feets stuck out of the back, so I'd have to be cut off above my ankles in order to close the back door.

Sad to say, the search goes on!

Infrared Body Wraps

Today I tried something new:  

An infrared body wrap. Um, I was done 1/2 through. I was wrapped in this heavy woven bag like thing..... and it was heated up, and I sweat.

But within the first 5 minutes, I pulled my arms out, because I didn't like not being able to move them.

After the next 20 minutes, when Leslie came to check me, I asked to be removed from the wrap. I was too warm, but more than that the weight of the wrap on my feet was becoming annoying.....
Two hours later I am still sweating......

I was just at a good part in my meditation too! 
I did, however, leave the remaining sessions for any of her clients who needed one & couldn't afford it at the time.

So for my personal taste, Infrared Body Wraps: FAIL!