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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Macaroni Grill: An 18% Forced Gratuity?


Dear Macaroni Grill:

Tonight, we spent the evening @ your Puente Hills restaurant.  I am so ANGRY! I Am a regular customer, I am well known, I Am MORE Than GENEROUS...and I drive 40 miles to eat at this Particular MacGrill.

Our bill w/ the 18$ FORCED gratuity was over $400!

1st: I bussed the table MYSELF during the Entire Meal and I had to get up & request clean dessert plates.

2nd: When we needed more drinks, I had to go find a wait person and ask for more, I requested that we be given the pitcher of Iced Tea, but I was ignored.

3rd: Our server was so busy w/ other tables, we rarely saw her.

4th: When you change a menu item and add Red Pepper to "spice it up", you need to add that to the item's description....Give me the option of eating spicy food or not.  I Do Not like the addition of red pepper flakes on my Warm Spinach Salad.

5th: When I spoke to the manager she apologized, but the 18% "GRATUITY" was not amended.

A "Gratuity" is EXACTLY That: An Optional THANK-You for GOOD Service.... The fact that I had less than average service did not merit or earn 18%.  If you believe that your servers merit more pay for a larger group, then Raise Their Salaries.... Do NOT Force your customers to pay extra for what is a persons' job.

Needless to say, I will not be returning to the MacGrill any time soon, if ever.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Citi Easy Deals: Are NOT "Easy" Deals

So, I'm looking at my Citicard statement...and I notice that I have these "Points" and that I can sign in and get "GREAT DEALS".

Ok, I sign in and what I find is: That Unlike DISCOVER my Citi Points are basically worthless (just like Citibank)! 

From their Citi Easy Deals website FAQs:
"Can I apply more than the specified amount of Citi Easy Deals Points when purchasing a product or service if I have enough Points in my Citi Easy Deals account?

No. You may only apply the specified amount of Points shown towards the purchase of products and services on the Citi Easy Deals website. Any remaining amount due after redeeming your Points must be paid for with your eligible Citi® credit card at checkout."

So unlike my Discover plan that lets me redeem 45 points for a $45-50 gift card, No Extra Charges.....

Citi Easy Deal only allows me to redeem 5 points for a $50 gift card and charges the remaining $45  and other fees to my Citibank Credit Card! What the Hell am I missing here? 

What an unmitigated crock of shit.....  These are the same greedy morons who, AFTER GETTING a $300 BILLION Bail Out (courtesy of our tax dollars)..... raised my interest rates...months after they lowered them (I pay ahead of time and more than double the amount of the monthly payment).

I guess I'll not be doing business with Citibank any time soon, or for that matter ever again.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Verizon: Everything Except What You Need

Um today I attempted to add an additional e-mail account.  It use to be REALLY Easy to do!  Seriously, it was right there under My Account.....

It is no place to be found. When you use the "help/search" feature, you get Everything EXCEPT what you are in need of.

Verizon is so concerned about their profits, that the main purpose of their website is to Sell You Something New & Additional, that you most likely don't even need nor will you ever use.

A few months back, they sold my 83 year old mother (Who KNOWS Ab-So-Lutely NOTHING About technology) FIOs....  All they told her was that it would lower her phone bill to $20 a month.  What they Did NOT Tell her, is the $69 FIOs box, is only good for One (1) telephone, and that All Other Extensions Would be Useless, unless she ALSO Purchased FIOs boxes for them!   They did not tell her, that she would be locked into a contract nor did they tell her they would charge her $139 to bring the FIOs box back. 

I am so FRAKIN' Tried of Corporate Greed & sales people who have no intention of being of help to the customer, only interested in making their sales quota & commission! 

So, back to my complaint.... after searching the website for more than Five (5) minutes, I went into a "Live Chat" session..... After Four (4) minutes, the young woman was unable to help me, because she was in SALES, not Help, so I was transferred to another representative.  The next young woman, was in the FIOs department....which I Do Not Have.... nor Would she help me, because I wouldn't give her my name, address, customer number & cell phone.  All I asked her to do was tell me how to access the email portion of the website in order to add an additional email address....

Such poor customer service, I sent the feedback to them via the link they provided.....

RASPBERRIES (Bronx Cheer)!

Farmers' Insurance: LoJack or Not to LoJack


 This is the Farmers' Insurance Group, of which my insurance now falls under.  I have to say they are NOT as "Customer Friendly" as they once were.....  I guess being a HUGE Conglomerate Corporation makes the difference in Customer Service Attitude.

I'm on about this because, today I received a letter from what was once my tiny Customer Friendly Insurance company telling me that I now have to send proof of having a LoJack installed on my vehicle.

I could understand this IF this was a new vehicle and a new installation.  However, I have had this vehicle & LoJack for over 11 years now, and I believe it's rather late to tell me they do not have "proof", when In FACT, when I purchased the vehicle, I sent proof, it was all in the dealership's paperwork.

Adding Insult to Injury:  The Discount is only........................................................  Are You Ready for This?

$1 less per month!   YES, JUST ONE FRAKIN' DOLLAR, and for $1 less a month, Farmers' Insists that AFTER  ELEVEN (11) Years, I Provide Proof, a copy of the LoJack Certificate, which I have no idea where it is!

Farmers' also took away my "Professional" discount years ago.... without so much as a whisper.... I really dislike this "Farmers' Group"......  

Sorry Farmers', keep Your Lousy Dollar, I know how much more you need it.