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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Long Before Fukushima.....

Long before Fukushima there was:


What didn't we learn after: Hanford, K-19, 3-Mile Island, Lunecs, SL-1, Rocky Flate, Goiania, & Chernobyl?



In CA, they finally closed San Onofre (one of the most dangerous & most "accident" prone), but we still have El Diablo Canyon (Avila Beach) built directly atop a fault like. 

Why not replace those sites w/ solar panels and/or water & wind turbines?

I see the media is now blaming the Radioactive Bluefin Tuna caught in CA the past few months on Fukushima, when in fact this goes back years before Fukushima.....  

This perpetuation of nuclear energy is nothing more than F'g greed & blatant disregard for all earth based life!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Red Lake Tribal Members: Occupy Illegal Enbridge Pipeline

"If the governments can band together to create a N.W.O. against the people for mining and natural resources then Why can't the Tribes/ clans of the world band together to fight back with Ancient knowledge??? its out there just needs to connect the dots people...."
 ""Red Lake Tribal Members Occupy Illegal Enbridge Pipeline on Their Land""

- Tessa McLean, Anishinaabe.

What happens when you’ve had enough of oil companies i
llegally passing pipelines through your tribal land? You practice self-determination andyour sovereign rights to occupy that land. That is exactly what a group of Red Lake Tribal members are doing.

In a small town called Leonard in northern Minnesota, a traditional camp hasbeen setupby Red Lake tribal members, allies and supporters. Lodging is in a tipi and a sacred fire is burning 24/7. The occupation started Thursday afternoon, February 28th and is still going strong today, Sunday, March 3rd. There is a safety law concerning oil pipelines that states nothing or no one can be above a pipeline for 72 hours or the pipeline will have to be shut off. The occupation is seeking to stop the oil flowing through their pipeline, for good. The 72-hour mark passed today, but no pipelines were turned off.

In talking to a few of the Red Lake tribal members, they explained this occupation is purely against the Enbridge Company and its pipeline. There are no ulterior motives here except to stand in solidarity with the First Nations Cree who are facing blatant environmental destructionontheir homelands caused by the Canadian Tar Sands. Some of the oil running through the veins of this pipeline come from the tar sands region. Tar sands oil is sent to Minneapolis, MN, one of many cities refining the bitumen oil and is dispersed across the nation through several different pipelines,this Enbridge pipeline being one of them.

Two years ago, this very Enbridge pipeline had an oil spill in Deer River, Minnesota, just an hour and half east of the Leonard occupation site. Efforts to clean the oil spill have been insufficient; a picture of the spill site from earlier this year showing black tar over the pipes (see below). Environmental destruction isn’t racist, this isn’t just an Indian thing, when oil spills into the water and into the earth, those toxins and poisons aren’t going to choose who to hurt, everyone’s door will be knocked on. We cannot let these pipelines exist on Indian land, or any land. Spills are inevitable. In visiting and talking about the pipeline, one of us asked, “How far below is the pipeline buried? ” The response was ‘three feet.’ Laws say that oil pipelines with millions of gallons of toxic chemicals rushing through them are only required to be buried at least three feet underground. Thinking evenfurther,we realized that even a human grave is required to be six feet underground. Think about it, we have pipelines with all kinds of benzene chemicals, known carcinogens, close to the dirt we walk on- the dirt our children play on- while those we love are even further underground because of the dangerous formaldehyde.Visiting even further, we discovered this Enbridge pipeline runs through water, through Red Lake waterways and the Cass Lake to be precise. If the pipeline is followed even further east of the town of Cass Lake, one would find exposed pipeline in swamp wetlands. This pipeline is dangerous and needs to be shut down.

Tonight, the Red Lake occupation site had manyfriendlyfaces,RedLakers,Wh
ite Earth people, non-native allies and supporters were present; everyone was visiting and eating around the fire, telling stories, asking questions about the pipelines. One young man brought his drum out this evening and sang round dance sounds around the sacred fire; it was a proud time to be Anishinaabe and a proud time to be a supporter of the Red Lake Nation.

To follow the struggle against the illegal Enbridge pipeline, you can use #RLblockade on twitter. Any media inquiries can be directed to Marty Cobenais at martyc@ienearth.org

The traditional camp is accepting wood donations,they can be dropped off in Leonard, MN at the site or donations can be sent to ienearth.org for wood and supplies.


My response:  "This is what my personal experience has been.... I wholeheartedly believe that through ceremony, prayers & right words (eliminating "stop" words & begging) we can/will stop the devastation.

That is why I'm in the group I am in...

But from what I hav
e experienced, people for the most part are too wrapped up in themselves & ensconced in their own private worlds to care enough to take the time to help the greater world that exists outside of themselves.

Even when in ceremony and I have offered the robes & ties & prayers for Mita Kuya Oyacin, people just don't seem to care, nor do they respond.

All that seems to matter is their own wellness, comfort & private universe. They do not comprehend (nor do they care to) that what they ignore, will eventually creep into their backyards and hurt (if not kill) them as well.

With great sadness, I believe, that until we get into the place of Globalization of our thoughts, prayers, & visions and actively practice on a daily basis reaching out Globally in our ceremonies... Well, we (our next 7 generations of progeny) might just not be here for the upcoming evolution of our Unci Maka.... For unlike cockroaches, we just do not adapt or evolve quick enough to survive planetary changes....

Oh, Hell... I just figured out, in millions of years from now, we two leggeds, will most likely be the next source of "Fossil Fuel"!  LOL!"

To Be or NOT To Be a "Shaman"

This was recently discussed in one of the groups I am in.....  

One of our members is in to "Shamanism", while the rest of the group is not.....  The group is 98.9% women of Native American Heritage. With that being said:
"Now, I remember what it was a few days back I wanted to write about..... LOL!

It is very interesting this obsession people have with "Shamanism" & "Shamans".. This thing, preoccupation w/ Magick.

The funny thing (and this is from both my Grandpas), neither considered themselves to be "Shamans", not in the least. Nor did they like the word, especially in reference to themselves.

The word they used was: Medicine Man/Wicasa Pejuta or Holy Man/Wicasa Wakan. The reason being is; what they did was Not Magick (Hodgie Podgie), it was Creator's & Spirits' work.

As I came to understand from them, the difference is: Shamans conjure and manipulate the Spirits, many times to their will in order to accomplish a goal or result. Whereas, Wicasa Wakan, on the other hand, work with the Spirits. Calling on them to aid, requesting their help with healing or making whole.... even helping to make transitions.

The intent & manner in which one works w/ the Spirits is different. Commanding & expecting as opposed to Calling w/ an offering & accepting what comes.

So, as I was explained... It is like that."
In response:  "'Since the 1970s, the world 'shamanism' has become one of the most heavily worked among scholars of anthropology ad religious studies, as well as having a major presence in counter -cultural groups in the wester world, I t has flourished especially among the American academics, but is by now almost as commonly used by those of other nation. Virtually all who use it are aware that it derives originally from Siberia, even while it has long been applied to phenomena in many other parts of th globe. The word 'shaman' was apparently first printed the the memoirs of the exiled Russian Churchman Avvakum, in 1672, and seems to have reaches Western And Central European scholarship twenty years later in the work of Nicholas Wistsen. ' --Dr R Hutton"
In answer to the response:  "The Native Americans that I have spent & do spend time with do not use an "Altered Conscious" state to contact the Spirits, we do it fully awake and aware.

That is why we make the offerings we make and use the Cannunpa, herbs & songs that we do. Tho
se are the Pejuta Wakan, Talking, Calling, & Honoring songs I spoke of earlier. Those songs & Pejuta Wakan are alerting, inviting, and petitioning those benevolent helper Spirits to come & be with us.

So this makes "Shamanism", for the most part not of Northern Native American culture.

Now there is a line to be drawn, in a NAC ceremony where the Chief/Grandmother Pejuta comes in.

In the Northern American culture that I have experienced, we do not go into a "trance" or "Altered State", we sit up and pray, sing and use that Pejuta Wakan as the Medidince she is. It is a healing ceremony, and the main part of the ceremony are the two smokes offered up at the beginning of the ceremony and at midnight when the Road Man goes out of the tipi & also blows his Eagle Whistle.

Yes, there are others here in the U.S. who do use the Unci Pejuta for trance & vision inducing purposes. There are people I know who use it in that manner. We call those people "Eaters" and we know that here it is a form of disrespect.

Also, there are Central American tribes that do use that Unci Pejuta for visioning & trancing within ceremonies which are sacred & for healing.... That is what my family considers "Shamanism" they are not fully conscious, they are conscious in the Spirit World on the other side.

So in the way I was taught & continue to teach, on this Canka Luta Waste, "Shamanism" isn't the term we use or the manner in which we go about working w/ the Spirits."

Boehner Owns Keystone XL Pipeline Stock

 FROM: http://politicalcorrection.org/factcheck/201201180004

The Speaker's Pipe Dreams: Big Oil Investments Muddy Boehner's Message On Keystone XL

January 18, 2012 11:25 am ET
Shortly after the Keystone XL pipeline permit process started gaining steam in Canada and the American Midwest, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) began investing significantly in companies tied to the project. In addition, since 2008 a number of companies that stand to benefit from Keystone XL have donated thousands of dollars to Boehner since 2008. As approval has floundered, Boehner has used his clout as Speaker of the House to try to push the project through in the name of "jobs."

Boehner Has Been A Vocal Advocate For The Keystone XL Pipeline

Canadian Official In 2010: Boehner/Republicans Are "More Receptive" Than Democrats About Oil Sands Development. From the Canadian Press:
Things are looking up for Alberta's oilsands in the United States with Republicans poised to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Republicans are so far ''more receptive'' than Democrats about the oilsands, Gary Mar, Alberta's representative in Washington, said following a recent meeting with officials in John Boehner's office.
Boehner, an Ohio congressman, will become speaker of the House in January.
''I found them very well-informed and their knowledge of energy issues was very good ... they were well-versed, well-briefed,'' Mar said. [Canadian Press, 11/18/10 via Nexis]
Boehner: "Nonsense" That State Department Might Need More Than Two Months To Study Keystone's Impact. From ThinkProgress:
Boehner dismissed as "nonsense" the State Department's stated need to take more than two months to re-evaluate the impact of changing the pipeline's Nebraska route. Plans for a new route have not even been submitted yet. Denying the obvious that the 60-day deadline would short-circuit oversight of a risky foreign oil pipeline, Boehner tried to make the oil-industry gift an election-year issue for President Obama:
GREGORY: White House officials I've talked to say you are guaranteeing that he'll say no to this because the State Department has already said they can't get the review done for the extension in that amount of time.
BOEHNER: That's nonsense. David, it's been going on for three years. All the studies are done. It's gone through every part of the regulatory process. The only issue here is that the president doesn't want to have to make this decision until after his election. Twenty thousand direct jobs, 100,000 indirect jobs, to build a pipeline from Canada down to the Gulf that would help our energy security, help produce more energy here in North America. This is the right thing to do, the American people support it, and the president shouldn't continue just to put this off for his own election convenience.
[ThinkProgress, 12/19/11]
Boehner Has Touted The Keystone Project On The Official Speaker Of The House Website. Dozens of posts on Speaker.gov advocate for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline project. [Speaker.gov, accessed 1/17/12]
Boehner Launched A "Countdown Clock" And YouTube Video To Pressure President Obama Into Making A Quick Decision On Keystone XL. From the Washington Post:
In the meantime, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) launched a "countdown clock" that ticks off the time until the permitting deadline expires and posted a video on YouTube that touts the pipeline as a chance to create jobs with private investment. Playing off Obama's mantra of "We Can't Wait," the video flashes phrases across the screen including, "We Can't Wait for Leadership. We Can't Wait for Jobs." [Washington Post, 1/14/12]

Keystone XL Would Connect Canada's Tar Sands To The Gulf Of Mexico

The Keystone XL Project Would Transport Oil Extracted From Alberta Tar Sands, Including Athabasca. From the Guardian:
The pipeline would transport oil from the Alberta tar sands in Canada to American refineries at the Gulf of Mexico, and many are concerned about the associated impacts on the climate. [...]
Tar sands (a.k.a. oil sands) are an unconventional deposits [sic] of petroleum containing bitumen, which is a very viscous form of petroleum generally known as tar or very heavy crude oil.  Alberta, Canada contains the largest deposits of crude bitumen in the world, the biggest of which is the Athabasca tar sands. [Guardian, 8/23/11]

Boehner Maintains Significant Investments In Companies Tied To The Keystone XL Pipeline Project

According to public financial disclosure statements published by the Center for Responsive Politics, in 2009 Boehner invested $15,001-$50,000 in each of a number of companies that stand to benefit from the Keystone project (documents for 2008-2010 provided for comparison).
Boehner Invested Between $15,001-$50,000 In BP In 2009. [Boehner 2009 Financial Disclosure, 5/14/10, via OpenSecrets.org]
BP's Canadian Subsidiary "Holds Three Oil Sands Opportunities In Northern Alberta." From BP's company website:
BP Canada Energy Company holds three oil sands opportunities in Northern Alberta suitable for in situ development using steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) technology:
  • A joint venture with Husky Energy to develop the Sunrise oil sands lease in the northeastern Athabasca region of Alberta.
  • A joint venture with Devon Energy to develop the Pike oil sands lease in the southern Alberta region of the Athabasca oil sands deposit.
  • A partnership with Value Creation Inc. to develop the Terre de Grace oil sands lease in the northwestern Athabasca Region of Alberta. [BP.com, accessed 1/17/12]
Boehner Invested Between $15,001-$50,000 In Chevron In 2009. [Boehner 2009 Financial Disclosure, 5/14/10, via OpenSecrets.org]
Chevron Corp. Owns A Large Stake Of An Athabasca Oil Sands Development Project. From a Dow Jones Newswires story via RigZone.com:
A 100,000-barrel-a-day expansion at Royal Dutch Shell PLC's (RDSA) Athabasca Oil Sands Project is expected to be completed and start up in 2011, slightly behind schedule, a top executive of partner Chevron Corp. (CVX) said Thursday.
"It's going to start more likely next year, which is little behind the original schedule," Gary Luquette, Chevron's president North America Exploration and Production, told Dow Jones Newswires in an interview. [...]
The Athabasca development currently produces 155,000 barrels a day of thick, tarry bitumen from the oil sands mine, which is subsequently processed into a higher-grade synthetic fuel at the project's upgrader. Shell is the project leader with a 60% stake, while Chevron and Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) own 20% apiece. [Dow Jones Newswires, 5/8/09, via RigZone.com, emphasis added]
Boehner Invested Between $15,001-$50,000 In ConocoPhillips In 2009. [Boehner 2009 Financial Disclosure, 5/14/10, via OpenSecrets.org]
ConocoPhillips Owns "Nearly 1 Million Net Acres Of Land In The Athabasca Region." From the ConocoPhillips company website:
ConocoPhillips holds nearly 1 million net acres of land in the Athabasca Region of northeastern Alberta. The significant bitumen deposits on these lands are estimated to contain more than 15 billion net barrels of resources, making ConocoPhillips the holder of one of the largest land and resource positions in the region. [ConocoPhillips.com, accessed 1/17/12]
  • ConocoPhillips Has Also Been Soliciting The Public To Lobby The Department Of State On Behalf Of The Oil Industry. From ConocoPhillips.com:
In May, we asked you to voice your support for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would increase the capacity to move crude oil from Canada's oil sands to U.S. refineries - a pivotal step in securing North America's energy supply. Now, it is more important than ever for you to voice your support as the project is in its final public comment period. Learn more about Keystone XL and how you can make a difference by reading the information below.  [...]
You can make a difference. We delivered nearly 7,500 letters during the previous comment period in May. Your comments are needed once again; have your voice heard on this important domestic energy security matter.
Act now for our energy security before the Oct. 9, 2011, deadline. Simply click here to have your comments submitted to the Department of State. A message has been pre-populated for you; however, if you wish to craft your own note, speaking points are available to assist you. [ConocoPhillips.com, accessed 1/17/12, emphasis original]
Boehner Invested Between $15,001-$50,000 In Emerson Electric In 2009. [Boehner 2009 Financial Disclosure, 5/14/10, via OpenSecrets.org]
Emerson Electric Has A $9.4 Billion Contract For Oil Sands Development Support Services. From the Washington Post:
Environmentalists note that in December 2010, according to Boehner's financial disclosure forms, he invested $10,000 to $50,000 each in seven firms that had a stake in Canada's oil sands, the region that produces the oil the pipeline would transport. The firms include six oil companies - BP, Canadian Natural Resources, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Devon Energy and Exxon - along with Emerson Electric, which has a contract to provide the digital automation for the first phase of a $9.4 billion Horizon Oil Sands Project in Canada. [Washington Post, 1/14/12]
Boehner Invested Between $15,001-$50,000 In Exxon Mobil Corp. In 2009. [Boehner 2009 Financial Disclosure, 5/14/10, via OpenSecrets.org]
Exxon Mobil Is A Huge Player In Canadian Oil Sands. From investment website SeekingAlpha.com:
Ownership of Alberta's oil sands continues to consolidate in the hands of global energy companies, with Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) paying $250 million to take over leases owned by UTS Energy. [SeekingAlpha.com, 11/2/09]
Boehner Invested Between $15,001-$50,000 In Canadian Natural Resources LTD In 2010. [Boehner 2010 Financial Disclosure, 5/13/11, via OpenSecrets.org]
Canadian Natural Resources Has Committed One-Fifth Of Its Production To The Keystone Pipeline. From the Calgary Herald:
Amid growing suggestions the U.S. State Department will delay or potentially reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline, oilsands executives counting on ramped up exports of bitumen said Thursday there are other options.
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. president Steve Laut said oilsands producers could pursue other markets, if the U.S. denies a presidential permit needed for construction of the proposed 2,700-kilometre crude oil pipeline from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast.
CNRL has 120,000 barrels per day "locked up on Keystone for 20 years," said Laut, who's betting on U.S. approval. That's about one-fifth of the company's current total production of oil and gas. [Calgary Herald, 11/4/11]
Boehner Invested Between $15,0001-$50,000 In Occidental Petroleum Corp. In 2009. [Boehner 2009 Financial Disclosure, 5/14/10, via OpenSecrets.org]
Occidental Petroleum Is Another Major Developer Of Oil Sands In Alberta. From the Occidental company website:
Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:OXY) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement with Enerplus Resources Fund to purchase a 15% interest in the Joslyn Oil Sands Project in Alberta, Canada for C$500 million. [...]
The Joslyn project is one of the premier oil sands projects in the world. Operated by Total, it holds over 8 billion barrels of bitumen in place and the recoverable reserves, net to Occidental, are estimated at 370 million barrels. While the project is still in the early stage of development, it currently has more than 1,800 delineation wells drilled to date to confirm the resource potential. The project is being developed by steam assisted gravity drainage (in process) and surface mining. Occidental expects to spend approximately $2 billion over a number of years to develop the reserves. [Oxy.com, 6/23/08]
Boehner Invested Between $1,001-$15,000 In Devon Energy Corp. in 2009. [Boehner 2009 Financial Disclosure, 5/14/10, via OpenSecrets.org]
Devon Energy Is A Proponent Of Keystone XL. NASDAQ.com recently relayed an interview with Devon Energy CEO John Richels from Dow Jones Newswires:
The U.S. government's decision to delay construction of a major Canadian oil pipeline is forcing Canada to deepen its ties with China, the head of U.S. oil and natural gas producer Devon Energy Corp. (DVN) said Friday.
"It's striking to me that for the first time I'm really hearing all the different levels of [Canada's] government and industry saying maybe it's not good to have one customer, maybe we need two customers ... maybe we can't rely on our good friend to the south," Devon Chief Executive John Richels said in an interview. [...]
About a quarter of Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy's oil business is in Canada, with the rest in the U.S. Richels is a Canadian, who spent most of his career in Calgary, Western Canada's energy-industry capital. [...]
Though he said he believes Keystone XL will eventually be approved by the U.S., he said Devon would be forced to consider other alternatives for its oil-- including a Canadian west-coast pipeline option--if Keystone is rejected by the U.S. [Dow Jones Newswires, 1/13/12, via NASDAQ.com]

In Recent Election Cycles, Boehner Received Big Money From Potential Beneficiaries Of The Keystone Project

Boehner And His PAC Have Received At Least $55,000 From Koch Industries Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12; OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]
  • Koch Industries Is "Well Positioned To Benefit" From The Keystone XL Pipeline. From the Guardian:
In 2009, Flint Hills Resources Canada LP, an Alberta-based subsidiary of Koch Industries, applied for-and won-"intervenor status" in the National Energy Board hearings that led to Canada's 2010 approval of its 327-mile portion of the pipeline. The controversial project would carry heavy crude 1,700 miles from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast. [...]
Koch Industries, like the rest of the oil industry, is well positioned to benefit from a pipeline that would double U.S. oil sands imports.
The company's Flint Hills subsidiary already has an oil terminal in Hardisty, Alberta, the starting point of the Keystone XL. It sends about 250,000 barrels of diluted bitumen a day to a heavy oil refinery it owns near St. Paul, Minn., making that refinery "among the top processors of Canadian crude in the United States," the company website says. [Guardian, 10/5/11, emphasis added]
Boehner And His PAC Have Received At Least $27,500 From Marathon Oil Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12; OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]
  • In 2007, Marathon Oil Purchased A Large Stake In The Athabasca Oil Sands Region. From Oil & Gas Journal:
Marathon Oil Corp., which is increasing capacities of its US refineries to handle heavy feedstocks, has agreed to buy Western Oil Sands Inc. for $6.5 billion (Can.) in a cash-and-stock deal that gives it a strong position in the Athabasca oil sands of northern Alberta.
Western holds a 20% interest in the Athabasca Oil Sands Project (AOSP), a joint venture operated by Shell Canada, with a 60% interest, and including Chevron Canada, 20%. [...]
Marathon will gain interests in more than 300,000 gross acres, of which an area of over 200,000 acres is expected to be developed by mining. The other acreage holds potential for in situ development. [Oil & Gas Journal, 8/6/07]
Boehner Has Received At Least $25,000 From Chevron Corp. Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]
Boehner Has Received At Least $24,500 From Exxon Mobil Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]
Boehner Has Received At Least $10,000 From ConocoPhillips Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]
Boehner Has Received At Least $10,000 From BP Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]
Boehner Has Received At Least $7,500 From Occidental Petroleum Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]
Boehner Received $5,000 From Devon Energy During The 2010 Election Cycle. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]
Boehner Received $2,500 From Emerson Electric During The 2010 Election Cycle. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]