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Friday, September 9, 2011

Customer Service = Listening to the Customer

Dear Groupon:                                                                      

I just got off the phone with Carolyn, the owner of Cote d'Azure Spa in Pasadena,  I was trying to make an appointment, but was told they are closed on the day I had intended to go.  That's not a problem.

The problem is the rudeness of the staff, in the middle of my sentence the young girl who answered the phone said: "We're closed on that day and it's posted everywhere.... Let me get my manager..." 

I was in the process of telling her that I'd reschedule on a Friday, when all of a sudden another woman came on the phone! Carolyn, the owner... she didn't even listen to me. I was explaining how rudely I was cut off...and she interrupted me as well.. not once, but twice!

The owner wouldn't even hear me out....she kept cutting me off. Now this may be a "Private, High-End" spa, but they have no courtesy what-so-ever. If they are too busy to listen to me.... then what will they be like should I go in for a treatment? Will they be too busy to provide me with relaxing, quality care? 

I'm already regretting my purchase and I haven't even stepped in the door.....

Carolyn just called me back to tell me that I "could most likely get a refund....( I didn't want a refund... I wanted my treatment). And they didn't cut me off"....it's just that they are "BUSY"... I suggest that they not return calls when they are busy & don't have time to listen to their customers.

I'm NOT Happy.... And I plan on posting this experience on FB and on my blog.... because people who are so busy and excitable as Carolyn & her staff are, whether they are just inexperienced & lack customer service manners,  should not be in business.

So, yes I would like a full-refund...A.S.A.P.

You can view their You-tube ad on this link:   
A bit frenetic...maybe good thing I didn't get an appointment!  Healing is not to be rushed, it is better in a relaxing atmosphere....