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Monday, December 3, 2012

But All I Wanted Was........

Last week, Tuesday, I went into Von's in La CaƱada Flintridge to purchase Signature Salads, breakfast for the staff & a Large Starbucks Frapp.

There are only Four (4) salads in the deli case..... The Specialty Drink cold cases at the registers were over 1/2 empty, but I spied a small bottle of Frapp. I nonchalantly went to pay for the two items I had & was informed by the cashier, that I couldn't buy the small Frapp., because they are only sold in a FOUR PACK! 

Not a problem.....No It Was Not, but the Cashier & supervisor (who shall remain nameless) Very Mistakenly decided to make it a problem. The cashier kept repeating her mantra: "This is NOT For Individual Sale"... and I kept telling her that the cold case was empty and I'd like a LARGE One.

Then this rude supervisor, came up & joined in the Mantra..... Again I explained that I'd like a large one.... but that fell upon deaf ears.....

ALL They Had to Do was Get the Fraking Box-boy (who is a lazy sod, I know I fired him from his position working for me) to go check the shelves where they are also stocked. If there weren't any, I'd have purchased the Four-Pack. BUT NONE OF THAT HAPPENED, No It Did NOT! So, I said: "Fine, cancel my order!" and I left the store. As I was leaving the staff began sniggering, so I turned around to the supervisor & told her: "Thank-you so much for not listening to me!" 
Well, last week I wrote to Von's.... Unbelievably, some ignorant so-called customer service moron wrote to tell me:
"Thank you for your reply with the information we requested.

We appreciate the time you have taken to provide additional feedback on this issue and we can certainly understand your concern. In your previous email, you requested Starbucks Tall Fraps. Presently, we do not stock this item at stores in your area. However, we are forwarding your request and comments to our buyers of Starbucks products for their review and consideration. Thank you for taking the time to submit your product request. We do track these requests and they are reviewed often to help us determine which items to stock. We apologize for any inconvenience."
    I so Do Not Believe the unmitigated stupidity of Von's "Customer Service Staff".

Not to mention last week Starbuck LARGE Frapps. were on sale @ 2 for $4, but again none were in the cold case, it was still 1/2 empty, AND today THE COLD CASES ARE STILL UNSTOCKED.....