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Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Pay Whaaaaaat With Your Taxes?


I am a "Public employee"...The community I work in pays $27 per Household (3-7) people for services per year.  So, if there's 4 people per household, that's about $6.75 per person per year and that's less than 50 cents per month!  That sure as Hell ISN'T Paying Anyones' Salary, let alone for "services".

As for my "Pension", we have an Employee Owned Pension Plan, which I contribute to, but my Employer Does NOT.  They do, however, from time-to-time try to "borrow" from My Private Pension Fund, but they sure as Hell don't own it...nor do the "tax payers" of which I am one. Not to mention Every-Single-One of my family are Tax-payers as well!

How about looking at the waste of funds that go to the salaries, perks, health insurance packages & pensions of the City Council, Board of Supervisors,  Mayors, & State & Federal Legislature...all the while they waste our taxes and still take "contributions" & "gifts" from Big Business & Mega-Corporations.

How about the "bail-out" funds for the banks, oil companies, the oil spill clean-up for which BP should be paying, the $$$ we pay Blackwater, the $$$$ we give Senior non-citizens for Medicare & Social Security (into which they have NEVER paid a penny), $$$$ for a war in the Middle East where we have No Business being, $$$$ for terrorism against Palestine (whose land it was to begin with)?   HUH?   This is what your taxes are really paying for.......

Please STOP the BS & the Lies..... Open your eyes people, put the responsibility where it belongs, with those who supposedly represent us, but instead choose to represent the special interest groups who pay them behind our backs.....
So keeping that in mind......My employer Does NOT pay into Social Security for me, I had to get another job (self-employed) for that and pay into it Myself.