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For me it is All About Being of Service & Living the Life of the Give-Away....

Being Mindful of those who are unable to speak for themselves; our Non-Two Legged Relations and the Future Generations.

It's about walking on the Canka Luta Waste Behind the Cannunpa and the ceremonies.

It's about Mindfulness and Respect. It's about Honesty and owning up to my foibles.

It's about: Mi Takuye Oyacin

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dreaming of Angry Sow

Ok, before I disremember, I had the strangest dream this morning:

I am living in a new home, there are two young women & I give them bedrooms next to each other.... the inside of the house is a nice creamy light yellow, the curtains are light white cotton w/ turquoise & green pattern, windows open, curtains blowing.... I'm exploring the house... As I think of things I want & need to change, they happen.....

So I go outside, I have large acreage..... green, light, sunny.... I come across a HUGE Sow, in a dog kennel crate, inside a corrugated water/sewer pipe..... I know it is hot.... I see a mud puddle, from a natural spring & I tell the men to build a sty for her, so she won't die from the heat..... [Pigs naturally lay in mud because they do not sweat & the mud cools them off.]  

So, those guys go over & they're digging the puddle... and for some reason they pull her crate out from the sewer pipe before they get the sty posts ups... and she gets angry & pushes at the door of the crate bending the crate. I move out of the way, thinking the crate will burst... but it doesn't. It holds fast.

So, I wake up, knowing those men are not going to get the sty up in time.... As I happen to believe I am happy where I am at.... I'm smart & make things happen.....

The Angry SOW is someone I work with, and that person is hot/overheating & angry right now.... And from them purposely talking loud to others, when I'm around... I know that person is allegedly not well..... They whine & says they are ill w/ all sorts of alleged problems as often as anyone will listen.... 

And I do believe that person is stuck and can't get out of their cage (which they have made for themself). That person is also getting bigger & heavier..... and eats McDonalds every day.....

I wonder how long before they die from being stuck/trapped their own self imposed cage!
     PUN Intended!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Disciplinary "Conference" Calls

SEIU 721, Southern California public service workers

They have a new illegal disciplinary tactic at work:  Your manager calls you into their office, says the R.A. wants to speak to you....

The door is closed behind you and you have a "conference call" w/ your manager & his two managers via speaker phone.

This is MORE Than Illegal, and it is time for the Union to take a frakin' stance against this type of harassment.

The employee needs to put a stop to the harassment the minute the door closes and it is apparent the employee is there without benefit of representation.

Monday, June 3, 2013



Used to comment on an action perceived as foolish or stupid: "they got back together—duh!".

Urban Dictionary: duh
Duh means "No shit sherlock" and/or "Thank you captain obvious"
Now that I've cleared up the title's meaning......
What I am at a complete loss to comprehend is:
When you are a "regular" customer at a store, and you are an abusive PITA every-single-time you go into that store...
Why would you even think to apply for a job there?

In fact why would you even think, that after all your abuse, they would hire you?

In my experience it is safe to say: No Brainer, you're so not going to get the job. In fact, you will most likely Not even get an interview!