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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Republican Tax Cuts Could Be Paved with Fossil Fuel Giveaways

After reading this article on the Federal Budget;

Republican Tax Cuts Could Be Paved with Fossil Fuel Giveaways 


 I just wanted to go to D.C. interrupt Congress and SCREAM:

Instead I wrote the following to all of the wonderful people who voted for those assholic greedy wanking Mamzers:

Yet another info-rant from me:
All those people bitching in FEAR about having their taxes raised because other less fortunate poor people (veterans, homeless, children, Natives) get just a fraction of the help they need from the government need to pull their heads-out-of-their-arses and really look for themselves what potus 💩 and congress 🤡 are really doing w/ the budget in regards to taxes, tax-cuts, & distributions.
Oil companies are allowed to defer their tax payments without paying Interest (like the rest of us) for up to 20 years, which not only drops their taxes from 24% to as low as 11.7% - 3.7%, it increases the Federal Debt
(most of us pay at least 10% - 15%)
Oil companies receive major subsidies from the tax-payers
In 2012 the 5 largest oil companies made $104 Billion in PROFITS
They receive a tax deduction for: tertiary injectants, drilling costs, & a "depletion" allowance
They use "Last In-First Out" accounting; so their inventory is taxed on the oldest & cheapest priced barrels
Restructuring the business into a Domestic Partnership

Then there are the banks and Troubled Assets Relief Program, where in 2008-2009 they received in actuality $14.4 TRILLION for misappropriation of their clients mortgage monies with the $$$$ going to the CEOs & top Administration
In 2015, the banks had still not paid back the monies and had $35.1 billion in write-offs and realized losses…
Now, think about what would this country be like If the government had all the $$$$$ they throw at the Banking & Oil Industry alone paid back, when it was due (let's say a net 30)....
Also think about your $$$$ related fears:
Why are you angry & afraid of the government when they spend tax dollars helping PEOPLE In Need; especially the veterans, children & the elderly: but you're not angry that the government refuses to spend the needed money helping those people affected by poisoned water, poisoned food, and natural disasters?
Why are you Not Angry at Clinton for negating the Glass-Steagall Act, which prohibited commercial banks from engaging in the Business of Investments (which means using Your money [not theirs] to make more money for themselves)?
Why are you not angry at the government spending $4.79 trillion on the Middle East war(s) all based on our hostile take-over of the Middle East's oil, mineral, & opiate resources?
Why are you not angry that the NFL does not pay taxes & also receives billions of $$$ in subsidies?
Why are you not angry that the government uses your tax dollars to subsidize Drug Companies but angry that they subsidize Health Insurance for people who pay taxes?

Just think people, think about what is going on and where your tax dollars are actually going...
Think about what would happen if those Oil, Wall Street, & Drug Companies would actually Pay Their Taxes (even at a rate of 20)%
Think about what would happen if the government cut War Spending
Stop Placing the Blame on the people in Need.... Blame your Government.

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