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Monday, January 10, 2011

What I Don't Understand #2


Last week a Girl Scout calls the library. She asks me if we will help her with her "Silver Award"...if we will allow her to put a book donation bin for Children's books in the library.

As this is something we normally help with, I ask her to call when my manager is back from vacation, that's today, and I tell her that he'll be in @ 10:00 when we open.

At 7:58 tonight (2 minutes before we close) this girl and her father come in DEMANDING to speak to my manager. The young woman who helped them explained that he left @ 6:00. They continued to harass her, ranting that not only has he not returned their calls, but he didn't respond to her e-mail.

She apologized and expained again, that today was his first day back and he was very busy (We had other cranks to take care of you know?)... They refused to accept her explanation and rudely demanded his contact information (which they already have).

Well, because of their rudeness (attitude of entitlement) I'm going to ask that we not participate in her award.  I thought Girl Scout was a term of honor & represented "good citizenship".  I guess that was back in the "good old days".

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