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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Good News:

Center for Biological Diversity

Today, in the spirit of the 41st Earth Day, all of us at the Center for Biological Diversity want to take a moment with you to celebrate the Earth, its amazing biological diversity and the protections we win for its species every day.

Since last year's Earth Day you -- the Center's members and supporters -- have helped us win some huge victories for endangered species and wildlife. Take a look below and share this impressive list with your networks.

With you beside us, we:

  • Garnered more than 150,000 signatures that helped us bring a swift stop to the burning of imperiled sea turtles during cleanup operations in the Gulf of Mexico;

  • Secured the biggest critical habitat area in history for besieged polar bears, who were granted 120 million acres of protected habitat to settle a Center-led lawsuit -- and then, just two weeks ago and after years of advocacy, achieved another record protection, this time 2 million acres of critical habitat for the Cook Inlet beluga whale;

  • Won a legal settlement protecting 1 million acres of roadless lands in four national forests in Southern California (home to spotted owls, arroyo toads and other vulnerable species) from development;

  • Launched a powerful, national boycott through our Bluefin Brigade -- with more than 20,000 people behind it so far -- of sushi restaurants that serve high-end bluefin tuna, a practice that's driving the majestic ocean predator to the brink of extinction;

  • Won Endangered Species Act protection for more than 70 species spanning four continents (Africa, Australia and North and South America), including seven penguins, dozens of Hawaiian species, and several mollusks in the severely stressed southeastern United States.
Please share these victories with your friends and celebrate all that we are accomplishing in our efforts to keep and restore a rich, biologically diverse planet.

During the coming year we have our work cut out for us with a Congress hostile to wildlife and a presidential administration that's far too often unwilling to stand up to bullies in defense of endangered species and wild places. On this Earth Day, we take courage knowing you'll be with us to fight the fight -- we can't thank you enough.

Happy Earth Day,

KierĂ¡n Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. Help us save the Earth's most vulnerable species today by sharing this message with friends and family, and urge them to join our fight.

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