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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stop the privatization of California's public libraries.

Dear Friend,
We can't sacrifice our public libraries to corporations looking to make a buck.
Public libraries provide tremendous value to our communities. And it's not just about books. Whether it's access to the internet or a safe place to study after school, libraries create a civic space that impacts everyone from children to seniors.
But this vital role is threatened when the operation of public libraries is handed over to private corporations that seek to run the libraries first and foremost to maximize their profit. 
In the midst of successive budget crises, California has seen a number of communities consider turning over their public libraries to private corporations, often without the type of public dialogue and considered analysis such an impactful decision merits. 
One of the central problems with privatization is that claims made by corporate privateers often have little basis in reality. Or hidden costs become apparent only after a private company has taken over.
Local officials have a duty to ensure taxpayers don't get a raw deal. But slick sales pitches, budget shortfalls or conservative ideology can entice elected officials to rush headlong and embrace risky privatization schemes. If that's not enough, right now there's no requirement that the public be given a meaningful chance to weigh in before a public library is privatized.
AB 438 — which was passed in the California State Assembly in June and will soon get a vote in the State Senate — will protect our libraries from privatization. It will give taxpayers the information they need about library privatization efforts in their community, and shift the burden of proof to require credible evidence that the community will benefit from privatization.
The bill requires that a city or library district that intends to employ a private contractor to operate a library shall require 1) a fair cost analysis, 2) proven savings to the taxpayers, 3) competitive bidding, 4) proven qualifications of the contractor, 5) no displacement of current employees, and 6) performance and financial audits.
Or as Assemblyman Das Williams, who wrote the bill, said: "All of the things that [a company] promises to the public for cost savings should have proof. And it should be proof that is presented to the public in a public meeting with adequate notice. That's what I view as the core of this bill."
These are rather modest requirements given the central importance of public libraries to local communities.
The state senate will be voting on AB 438 soon. So speak out today and tell your state senator that public libraries should be operated for the public good, not private profit.
Thank you for standing up for California's public libraries.
Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets 
Take action now! 
Take Action! 
A vote in the state senate to protect our libraries is coming up soon.
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