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Monday, June 1, 2015

Bala Falls: Nine Months

Today is the nine month marker for my action and efforts to protect Bala Falls and all of Turtle Island .This is a picture of the High School students creating a music video to help our cause.

We are all so grateful to Rob Stewart and JONAH Bryson. 
Please cone to Bala Muskoka and see what we are saving for future generations.

I have great news to share

It is Monday June 1 2015 and my ninth month of being Idle No More and living beside the Traditional Wahta Mohawks Portage in Bala watching the Moon river form below Lake Muskoka in Bala.

I am feeling very blessed for the experience of the last nine months of Occupy Bala Falls and we know now that the project does not have all permits and permissions to start the project in Bala. There will be more details this week and we are very happy here today.

Ie t has been an honor and a privilege to have have been part of this experience in in an inclusive peaceful proclamation of protection and as a Land and Water Defender.

Is is also true that we are collectively protecting this beautiful town from destruction by our own government for fake expensive unneeded electricity according to the Auditor General. Democracy is not for sale and neither is our water.

Turtle Island in Bala was established on Sept !, 2014 to ensure equal and consistent access to these public lands and this important Portage.

This has always been an All Nations effort to protect what is sacred including democracy in Muskoka. This has always been an effort to draw attention to the lack of respectful consultation with First nations and Metis people from this area.

The Supreme Court consistently supports these claims so nothing can happen to destroy this place for future generations.

I have tended and protected this land to the best of my ability and not a tree has been cut or a sign put up here so I think we have been very successful.

I guess it is like having a baby, giving birth to a old way to taking care of our earth and our communities. The story of this is connecting all of us...

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