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For me it is All About Being of Service & Living the Life of the Give-Away....

Being Mindful of those who are unable to speak for themselves; our Non-Two Legged Relations and the Future Generations.

It's about walking on the Canka Luta Waste Behind the Cannunpa and the ceremonies.

It's about Mindfulness and Respect. It's about Honesty and owning up to my foibles.

It's about: Mi Takuye Oyacin

Friday, August 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders only loses when people think that he "can't" win and are too stupid to vote so that he does......

That was also a problem in the primaries, too many of my (no longer) friends wouldn't vote for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Out Of FEAR...

They are the LOSERS and They Sold Us, the Country, the Environment, & Democracy Out to the Devil and the Libertarian Corporate Conglomerate......

I keep talking to people, in real life, that say that they LOVE Bernie and they're not going to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. And I ask them why not #WriteHimIn?

They say because he can't win. Its rigged for Hillary.

Since the only thing stopping him from winning is your vote, I asked them what they have to lose by writing him in and they repeat that it is rigged for Hilary.

I say #WriteHimIn.

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