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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Would You Believe: Election Fraud...


Investigative Team Featuring 
Award-winning Journalist 
and Top Statistician Finds 
Evidence of Machine 
Tampering in Dem Primaries
A team headed by award-winning journalist Lulu Fries’dat,
statistician Anselmo Sampietro, and professor Fritz Scheuren
(100th President of the American Statistical Association)
has found irregularities in the overwhelming majority of
the twenty-one presidential primary states that they analyzed.
Their data indicates, in particular, that the totals reported
on the Democratic side in the race between Hillary Clinton
and Bernie Sanders may not be correct. In state after state,
independent examination by two separate analysts found
suspect statistical patterns giving Clinton inflated percentages
that, in all likelihood, are not fully based on actual votes,
and showing Sanders with what appear to be artificially depressed totals.
of the primary votes.
That estimate is based on 11 states where they had 2
analysts independently examine the results with identical
findings. The estimate was reported in politico.com. It is a
significant difference that could have changed the outcome
of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

On this page are the graphs and analyses of individual
states. The studies were conducted by lead statistician
Anselmo Sampietro and Phil Evans - the engineer who
designed the method - each working separately with no
knowledge of the other analyst’s conclusions. Their results
are identical. The analysis of each state was done using
official state election results. At the end of their paper, t
he authors include links to the election results so that others
can replicate the work. Evans has provided estimates of
how far off the reported results are from the expected
statistical pattern. The story of how Phil Evans developed
this method is detailed in the section of our paper called
What is that Pattern? The authors’ expectations of the
statistical patterns are determined by the Law of Large
Numbers, and the methodology of the study is explained
in that same section of the paper.
Award-winning journalist Lulu Fries'dat and statistician
Anselmo Sampietro collaborated with professor Fritz
Scheuren, 100th President of the American Statistical Society,
on this work. Professor Scheuren is also Vice President at
NORC in the Center for Excellence in Survey Research at the
University of Chicago.
This research was carried out independently of EJUSA,
but we provided support. Note that this study, conducted
by an independent team, corroborates the evidence for machine
tampering reported in our own Democracy Lost report.
In our own report, we show that these suspicious precinct
size effects CAN NOT BE EXPLAINED by race or income
demographics. What's more: these effects are found in
states with exit polling discrepancies exceeding the margin
of error, but not those with accurate polling.
While it may be tempting to dismiss Election Justice USA
as a months-old, volunteer-run organization, an award-winning
journalist and leading statistician have now entered the fray.
They corroborate our findings using their own methods.
Read their report: http://www.electoralsystemincrisis.org/2016-democratic-primary-graphs … We need your help. RT our Tweets (@Elect_Justice).
Share this on Facebook. It's in your hands.
Mainstream media outlets are suddenly reporting on voting
machine vulnerabilities. The public is primed. Let's strike while the iron is hot.

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