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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

DAPL: Wild Bison Penned Without Food or Water

How is This Allowed?! Wild Buffalo Rounded Up and Kept Without Food or Water to Protect Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Site


The fight to defend the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, which is home 
to more than 8,000 members of the Sioux tribe, against the 
Dakota Access Oil Pipeline has been waging for months. 
Protestors from all across the U.S. have stepped in to help 
defend the 
by the impending  pipeline. These brave souls have been subject 
to brutal treatment and ruthless threats from officials and 
proponents of the pipeline, but people aren’t the only ones suffering.
This video shows a group of wild buffalo that has been corralled 
and isolated inside a razor wire wall that is surrounded by a deep 
trench.  In a post on Facebook, Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) wrote
“It has been reported that wild buffalo are being corralled and held 
behind razor wire fencing without food or water near the Dakota Access 
Pipeline – and that there have been threats of killing the buffalo by 
the construction company.”
The ALDF is currently investigating the legality of the treatment 
of these animals. If seeing this makes you angry, we encourage 
you to learn more about what is happening at Standing Rock and 
share this and other stories with everyone you know to raise 
awareness. We cannot ignore this blatant disregard for the basic 
rights of people, and animals, that is occurring all in the interest 
of building a profit-generating oil pipeline.
To learn more about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and 
find out how you can help,click here.

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