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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Walking Tall: Buford Pusser & Standing Rock

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My family has had a long history of defending freedom. Both my parents were military (Air Force & National Guard). My grandfather was a spy in the US ARMY during WWII. My Grandmother was a pilot for the US Forestry. My middle name comes from my uncle who was killed in Vietnam. My family has served and sacrificed for freedoms, and we are not afraid to continue that.

The man pictured below was my great uncle, Buford Pusser. Buford was a Sheriff in Tennessee after taking on local police corruption head on. He stood for true justice, and honor behind the badge. His wife was later killed by hired hitmen, and he himself was later killed by a corrupt police officer who ran him off the road. The officer later became sheriff, and corruption resumed.

My family is not new to police corruption, and stands against it. It should be known every move the local law enforcement is making during actions is being documented. The amount of civil rights, and human rights violations taking place is beyond sickening.

As a direct bloodline of Sheriff Buford Pusser, I would like it to be known that all law enforcement, still actively involved with what is taking place here at Standing Rock is in direct violation of the oath you have sworn to protect, and against the badge you proudly wear on your chest. Many of you may not be aware of the violations taking place. Here is a list of violations that have happened in the hands of law enforcement.

-strip searching of female arrestees by male officers
-leaving arrestees naked overnight in holding cells
-holding cells made of large animal like cages
-racism, documented comments of unprofessional manner
-rubber bullets, pepper spray, tasing, bean bags used on protectors on treaty land, and waterways which are neutral ground.
-violation of American Indian Religous Freedom Act
-illegal search and seizure
-false arrest
-obstruction of justice
-aiding and abetting
-criminal activity, including criminal trespassing
-extensive color of law violations
-blocking public roadways
-inciding a riot
-evasion of federal law through failure to idenity upon request
-jurisdiction violations

and more.

By the end of all this, it would not be any shock if the Morton County Sheriff's have been disassembled. Both by resignation, and being stripped of their badges.

I call upon you now to stand down, turn in your badges, and stand for true service and protection of the people. Not a pipeline and corporate interest.

I have not forgotten what I have witnessed here, and neither will you.


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