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Thursday, January 26, 2017

10 Things That Happened in Trump's White House

From a friend.
"It's a nightmare. They warned us. Each day, it's getting more difficult to stay informed. Information management is critical in our new information war.
Find your strategies.

10 Things That Happened:

1. The White House wiped the pages for civil rights, workplace rights for LGBT people, and climate change from the official WH website.

2. Our new President made a statement at the CIA in which he blatantly lied about how many people were in attendance at his inauguration. He claimed 1.5 million (there were closer to 220,000) and said the "lying press" was "going to pay." Yes, our President threatened the media for reporting the truth the day after his inauguration.

3. The WH Press Secretary held his first press conference and spewed straight propaganda, continuing DT's stint saying the photographs of inauguration in the media were photoshopped, etc. He took no questions from the press.

4. The President's top advisor responded to the above press conference as being a presentation of "alternative facts." aka... lies.

5. The current National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, is under investigation for phone calls to Russia.

6. Trump's budget blueprint includes cuts to the Departments of Commerce and Energy and Transportation. Programs like the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities will be done away with entirely.

7. Said budget would also nix 25 grant programs which distribute funds to organizations committed to ending sexual assault, domestic abuse and dating violence through the Department of Justice.
(Pausing here to reiterate that U.S. intelligence officials are investigating our President's national security advisor. Let that sink in.)

8. Trump's advisor also told the press this weekend that, "It's really time for Trump to put in his own security and intelligence community." His... his own security and intelligence...

9. Trump's health plan would convert Medicaid to Block Grants, which would most certainly lead to cuts. His voters will be among those suffering most.

10. Republicans quietly introduced a bill to withdraw the United States from being a member state of the United Nations. Additionally, the new administration has failed to initiate contact with our most critical partners in Europe, including Germany.

If a lot of these actions sound rather authoritarian to you, you're not wrong! Experts and historians have been warning us about this since the campaign started in 2015. They were called alarmists, and so far everything they warned about has occurred. You should be very, very concerned."

Add: Reinstated the climate-changing pipelines, threatened martial law to end "carnage" in Chicago.

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