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Friday, January 13, 2017

Headsmen of the Horn Allow the Sacred Fire to Sleep

Indigenous Rising Media
20 mins
On January 12th the Headsmen of the Horn allowed the Sacred Fire to sleep. The decision was made as the camp will need to eventually transition out of its current space due to being located in a floodplain. In addition, the Headsmen have recognized that the Sacred Fire is needed in their respective nations, to uplift and support their own communities, while they face unprecedented threats by the new administration.
The Oceti Oyate fire still burns in the camp and the Headsmen will remain in camp to support with clean up and the eventual transition.
See the video here: 
The following is a statement from the Headsmen:
"When we look to the four directions, we realize there are still many needs in what we are facing as a People. 
We have decided to carry the sacred fire to the various People of the Oc’eti S’akowin, who continue to support us in many ways as we protect Mni Wiconi in this Wic’oti.
 We understand the sacrifices that have been made in order to sustain our movement and still have the means to keep a home for everyone’s family. 
The Fire needs to be shared to the four directions, and we have decided to strengthen the Sacred Hoop by taking the Fire to the Tios’paye throughout our territories. Our People need to know that our first concern will be to share with them what we have learned from our new relatives that came from many nations. 
Rather then expect them to come to this Wic’oti, we will go to our People that need us. These Prayers can continue to unite even stronger for not only Standing Rock, but Unc’i Maka and her mni wic’oni to the four directions of all the tribal nations throughout Turtle Island. 
We have realized in spending time around the sacred fire how powerful that is and what it has done for us. 
We want to continue sharing this knowledge; the stories and teachings of our ancestors and the relatives that have visited with the education in sustainable development, teaching the importance of growing our own food and harvesting our territories through the Elders that reside in them from whom we want to hear. 
We want to show our Youth in these territories that we care for them and teach the values that define us as a People. 
We intend to ensure our healing with the rebirth of the Oc’eti S’akowin; gaining the much needed support of each of the bands represented in the Oc’eti as we protect our way of life for the coming generations, as well as our treaty rights and territories."

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