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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bala Falls: The Latest

Monday May 25 is the beginning of a showdown week in Bala. Many are convinced that the Proponent Swift plan is, get in and get started before June 

The are a relentless lot and we will be prepared to peacefully and effectively STOP THEM

They do not have all the paperwork for starting construction but they can sure put up fences on all the Public Crown Land around the falls including Margaret Burgess Park and tell people not to TRESPASS for the next many years.

They have limited permits and this week we need public outcry medai messages and LOUD public outcry.

Of course the lucrative contract with Provincial Government for 100 MILLION dollars is pretty motivating.

If you want to save money on your electricity bill help us stop the Bala Falls Hydro Project on Lake Muskoka at the Moon River in Bala

Don't forget to go to Save the Bala Falls for more good info from the fellas... the goal is to stop the project and protect this valued ecology and the Muskoka Watershed.

The people from STBF are great , it is the leadership that is a little lost on that point. We have always been in this together, they just do not get it yet.

Many thanks for sharing the message and supporting this incredibly important cause.,

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