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Monday, May 11, 2015

More On Bala Falls: Grannie Laughing Feather

This was written Jan 1st of this year...well it's May 11 now same year and my good friend Peggy Peterson is still hanging tough at Bala Falls ... 

Next weekend is the the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada, typically the start of our summer season ...lots of folks will be returning to the north...and Peggy will be there to greet them..she saw them leave last fall like the migrating geese and will still be there as they return..

Peggy has been onsite at Bala since Sept 1 2014...doing her level best to protect the land, including the heritage trees, one of the last direct routes from the Muskoka Lakes to Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR)) (the community of Bala is a community built on three islands where Lake Muskoka flows over a break in slope into the Muskosh or Moon River and then into Georgian Bay is part of the GBBR) also part of the geographic area known as The Land Between, there is unceded land here & comes under three different sets of Treaties between the various levels of government ands the first nations peoples. 

The Williams Treaties, the Numbered Treaties & the Robinson-Huron Treaties yet as is usual for government/first nations relations..the governments have failed to consult with the various communities about this proposed development....

Despite the local politicians determination to get this proposed hydro project underway..the local community is already suffering loss of revenue including the local summer farmers market which has been forced to move, the cancellation of the bus tours to the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery (she of Anne of Green Gables fame) never mind what will happen when the locals discover they will have limited or restricted access to the community of Bala both during the summer months (local high season) but the potential destruction of the two world famous cranberry bogs at Johnson Bros & Wahta along with the associated industries like Muskoka Lakes Winery and the annual cranberry festival which beings thousands of folks to the community.

And just a reminder to folks..Peggy Peterson and the folks at Save the Bala Falls have no association with each other...Peggy is acting on her own to protect the Falls.

You can help Peggy by donating to her via paypal @: 



Peggy Peterson sits near the Bala Falls where a hydroelectric power plant is proposed on a section of Crown-land, in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, on December 30, 2014. Red signs warn the public that use of the property is prohibited under section 28 of the Public Lands Act. Peterson, who is opposed to the project, has camped by the falls since September in protest. (Matthew Sherwood For The Globe and Mail)

In the Muskoka township power plant fight, a lone protester hangs tough

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