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Friday, October 16, 2015

At Least One Prescription

These are my thoughts:

When we started to become a more industrialized country, the demand for our time away from our sickbeds became greater, and there was a need to heal faster, the need for a "magic" cure/pill became greater as well.

People no longer wanted to get well/heal via natural remedies that took longer to work or to stay in bed to rest & recuperate. On top of that as the population increased, there were more widely spread diseases as well as newer ones.....

Of course we perpetuate the problem, most people want a "Quick-Fix", they can not be away from their jobs for fear of not only loss of a day's pay, but for loss of their job.

Somehow someone got the idea to make a magic pill that would cure all, and that escalated and snowballed.

It is like the "Snake Oil" hawkers, money is to be made and man's inherent greed has taken over, so that what was once a small business of a chemist's shop became the next oil boom of confidence men.

It hasn't stopped there... with all the new stronger confounding diseases (especially the man made chemical & viral ones) the old remedies don't work, and now we're taking pills for the sickness that was caused by the last bottle of pills we took. 

We forget that chemicals are poison and although they might mimic the natural remedies we once used, the chemicals are more powerful and come with various/multiple more dangerous side effects.

So as long as greed runs rampant & dominates our society it won't get better any time soon unless we all say: "NO".

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