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Sunday, October 4, 2015

More Tax Cuts

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Found this on #Forward --- just clarified what it will do.
This cut means loss of over 400,000 job in America (Less jobs = lower pay for workers and millions of bankruptcies and foreclosures for people who lost their jobs or people who no longer can pay their bills)

The #Republican #TeaParty Passed A 269 Billion Dollar Tax Cut For The Rich

They Plan To Cut #SocialSecurity Payments By 20%

Every Republican/Tea Party policy is designed to transfer more wealth up to the already wealthy. The Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson & others like them did not spend hundreds of millions because they care about you or your families. It is & always has been about the money.

The Republican/Tea Party/Right-wing loves using wedge issues like Guns, Religion, & Race. To keep people from realizing that they are the true takers.
Using code words like…
(Deregulation)- Allows corporations & the wealthy to fleece the American people unrestrained.

(Privatization)- Means your every need will have to be provided by them… Mail Service, Schools, Emergency Services etcetera. Placing enormous power in the hands of the 1%. Rendering the government & elections almost a moot point.

(A Strong Military)- Is code, used to hide the fact that War means big profits. And military contracts are sources of great income for them.

Fact is the true “Welfare Kings & Queens” are Corporations & the Wealthy. The amount of government contracts, subsidies, loans, bailouts, & handouts that go to the upper crust dwarfs the funds that go to help those who struggle for basic needs.

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