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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Colin Kaepernick

The reason behind his inaction/action....

I agree, this country is twisted, sick, & well past broken (Shattered), and We the People Are the Ones Responsible.

Most people Refuse to look beyond themselves, they have no idea of what is really going on, nor do they want to.

As long as they have just a bit of comfort & hypnotized minds, they are happy.... making matters worse it is the "me vs. them" greed mentality;

Because it hasn't happened to me or you it doesn't matter that:

* Energy Transfer Partners: wants to put a pipeline over/under 209 bodies of fresh (clean) water & the Missouri River going across 4 states, including Treaty Land & Sacred Archeological Sites
* Baltimore has raised it's utility prices (including water) to make it impossible for seniors & low-income families to afford clean water, lights, heat

* EPA spilled a mine and poisoned the Colorado River & has yet to clean it up or make reparations

* BP still has not cleaned up the gulf (although they were paid to & got a lovely tax rebate)

* Flint Michigan knew that the water was poisoned and REFUSED to Do Anything about it (and the person i n the lead of the lawsuit was murdered)

* Duke Energy in North Carolina poisoned and entire river/water supply and was then allowed to file bankruptcy in order to avoid reparation
* After the Duke Energy poisoning; North Carolina passed a bill making it ILLEGAL for Anyone to expose any type of toxin dumped into any water supply

* Fracking is legal across the country; uses up to 2-8 million gallons of water per well, causes earthquakes, sever water shortages (drought) & poisoned water

* Nestle is allowed to steal & bottle water then sell it back to us

* Bush's Middle East war for resources (that Obama continues)

* Fucking over our veterans & Lying to kids in order to get them to enlist and perpetrate the financial gain of the war-machine

* Fukushima is still leaking, but it is only the Pacific Ocean...

* The vast number of broken pipelines & spills poisoning the "other people in the country" "Over There" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pipeline_accidents_in_the_United_States_in_the_21st_century

* Blatant Election FRAUD perpetrated by the "good guys" Democrats which has left SIX (6) men dead/murdered: Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Victor Thorn, John Ashe, Mike Flynn, & John Jones

* The list is endless & fraught w/ the blatant rape of our human, civil, & constitutional rights

The fact that we now have Two of the most blatantly corrupt, greedy, megalomaniacs (both akin to Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, & Pinochet) to ever run for president of this country astounds and shames me.

The sheep are more than happy to let the Libertarian Corporate Conglomerate & Media do all their thinking &; make all their decisions for them....

It is called impoverishment & enslavement and it is here, now.

I agree with this young man and until this country once again becomes a Humanitarian Democracy for & By the People instead of a corporate run Olligarchy for benefit of the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Kocks, Waltons, Oppenheimers, Kwoks, Albrechts, Bettencourts et. al., then you can keep your national Anthem and FALSE Patriotism So remember this: If you are not actively a part of the Solution... You, then, Are the


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