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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Putin vs. US of Monsanto

Let me ask you this:

Which company produces the majority of the GMOs used to feed people & animals?

Which GMO company also owns/runs the FDA, USDA, & Obama?

Which GMO company is running the Heinous Harpy's campaign?

Which GMO company did the Heinous Harridan sit on the board of?

Now, boyz & gurls, if you answered "Monsanto" to ALL of the Above... You would be 100% correct......

Now why do you think Obama tried to "nuke" Russia last year?

Why do you think u.s. spy planes are now in Russian air space harassing Russia?

For what reason would the Heinous Harpy want to start WW III?

If you answered: "Monsanto wants to take over Russia... and then move across the planet from there...."

You'd also be 100% correct.

Do you see the connections?

Russia Set to Limit Imports of GMO Animal Feed

Posted on Jul 21 2016 - 4:54pm by Sustainable Pulse

putin gmo feed cows

Russian authorities are stepping up efforts to limit the import of GMO animal feed, the country’s food safety regulator Rosselkhoznadzor announced on Thursday. The move comes following a complete ban on the cultivation of GM crops and the breeding of GMO animals that was signed in to law by President Vladimir Putin in June.

Rosselkhoznadzor Deputy Director, Alexey Alekseenko, stated Thursday that there would not be a complete ban on GMO animal feed imports but also revealed that restrictions on the import of feed that is fully GMO or contains a high percentage of GMOs had already begun. Alekseenko added; “It is necessary to restore order in this area”.

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