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Monday, December 26, 2016

Armenians: Human/Civil/Constitutional Rights & Blatant Prejudice

 I am of Armenian descent, my family coming here from Armenia 1910-19134 


Out of idle curiosity; I'd like to know:
Why it is that All of you young Armenians who annually scream bloody hell injustice about a one day massacre April 24th 1915... (which actually began around 1910 and lasted through 1917).... never stand up for any other injustice?
Not one of you stand up for Standing Rock and the 18 million+ people who could lose their water nor have I ever heard one of you stand up for Aleppo, Palestine, Black Lives matter, etc.

You know who I have heard/seen stand up for the human/civil/constitutional rights of the afore mentioned people? The Young Turks.... Yep: the very ones you rally against....
Why should we stand up and defend your past historical "rights", when you blatantly ignore the current infractions upon the rights of others?
You seem to forget that this country was founded upon genocide and the country that you scream the loudest about, Turkey, is the home to two major u.s. air bases (one of which is "nuclear").
Another thing I have a problem with is, what I live with around me: Store & business signs in Armenian (not English), the blatant disrespect towards non-Armenians, blatant disrespect of the laws, refusal to speak English in mixed company, rudeness of Armenian store clerks to non-Armenian customers, a neighboring city that wants to legally change its language to Armenian, your fucking gangs, flaunting jewels, cars, accessories while being on welfare.....
Do you see the problem yet?

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