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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Yesterday the first buses arrived to take civilians who have been forced from their homes in Aleppo by the siege and aerial attacks. Around 5000 people left the city to the countryside of Aleppo.
Residents had been told all civilians remaining would be given safe passage but today the process stopped.

A convoy that left this morning was stopped by a Hezbollah checkpoint. Soldiers and tanks advanced towards the convoy, encircled it, expelled the Red Crescent and ICRC and started firing at it. 4 people were killed and six injured. The convoy was held hostage for hours and all civilians had their remaining possessions taken. White Helmet's vehicles and ambulances were confiscated. All those on the convoy were then forced to walk back into besieged Eastern Aleppo, traumatized.
It's hard to get an exact number but upwards of 50,000 civilians remain trapped in Eastern Aleppo city. It’s dark, cold, there is no food and people are waiting on the streets terrified. The Assad regime has cut off phone lines and internet so it is very hard to get updates out. These people are being left to face death, and we don't even know if they will be able to tell the world what is happening. Whatever happens the world can never, ever say we didn’t know.
Meanwhile, European Governments and America are standing by whilst this horror unfolds.

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