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Monday, December 26, 2016

Family As Lying, Bigoted, Hateful Hypocrites

So, Now on to my "family":

We are not Jewish, as my mother is not Jewish, my father was Jewish (born to a Jewish woman).

But I'm not quite sure why someone claims to be "christian" either...

Image result for church lady

Not married to the woman they've been living with for 25+ years, nor have you ever been

She left her child with her family to raise to live with him

She was also married to another man when they began their relationship & only got a divorce many years later

Calling black people by the "n" word and those of us in same gender relationships "queers" & "faggots"....

Do you see where I'm headed with this......

Worshiping $$$$$ and lying about what is mistakenly believed will be an "inheritance"... The other "trustees" Know How Much There Is/Should Be

"christian" has threatened & verbally abused me as well as other family members, in front of witnesses, with "hell", legal proceedings, & selling of the house (which legally can not be touched)

Also avowing that: "Jesus knows I'm a sinner, I still sin every day, but Jesus forgives me", yet using that as a justification to continue that abusive, bigoted, lying, cheating way of life

Have stolen money & other items of value from all of us & laughed about it

For years living "drugged" up and still using drugs while condemning & outing others in the family for the same

Still lying and verbally abusing everyone until they either give in to childish/unreasonable/selfish demands or walk away

Not being where promising to be when needed

Shirking responsibility& Leaving undone/ignored what was promised to be done for others when inconvenient or too much effort/time

Being a blatant misogynist and unrepentantly lazy... expecting women & friends to do all of the work that you do not want to do for free... without thank-you or reparation

Being absent for 15+ years, then miraculously present for the last 3-4 months of an angry bitter old man's last ravings of his life... doesn't mean you know shit or have any clue as to what went on before your arrival... using those crazed ravings as weapons against others when not being acquiesced to...

Tell me again: What would your "god" jesus do?

I'm pretty sure he wouldn't condone the continual; lies, verbal abuse, bigotry, cheating, condemnation of others that are in disagreement, or of those who live a different life

Also, one last little historical fact: jesus was not "christian" he was jewish

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