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Thursday, July 20, 2017

DAPL Leaking

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So now there is a leak in DAPL and it is not even a year old: We were warned about the big black snake: The Ancestors foresaw it and many many people came together last year in peace & prayer to sacrifice (for us) and face ND paid mercenaries intent to harm so that 18+ million Living Beings would have clean water & healthy lives.

Image result for eco watch dapl leak

Know this: The Missouri River flows into the Mississippi River....

It begins in S.W. Montana.... But where the pipeline leaks effects: ND, SD, NE, IA, MO, & KS which makes for 5 States.

Since it is the major tributary of the Mississippi any oil spill into the River will also affect: IL, AR, TN, MI, & LA... then into the Gulf of Mexico (which is still filthy from the BP spill)... so we then include part of TX, AL, & FL for a total THIRTEEN (13) States and eventually Mexico...

Image result for eco watch dapl leak

Does not anyone see a problem with this?

Why are we so cavalier & uncaring about lives that are not our own?


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and as of late May there have been TWO (2) additional spills:

Image result for eco watch dapl leak

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