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Monday, July 3, 2017

DNC Committee Votes Against Single Payer

So: Tell me again how the Democratic Party supports its voters?

On Friday June 24, the Democratic Party’s Platform Drafting Committee rejected an amendment that would have committed the Party to fight for Medicare for All, by a 7-to-6 vote. The vote is a slap in the face to the 81% of Democrats who support Medicare for All.

It is seriously time to get rid of both parties... they are both working for and owned by Corporate America....

I told you people that the heinous harridan & her DNC minions were as evil & bad as GOP & Trump, she even told us in side interviews w/ her owners.... But you Libtards didn't want to hear it and you refused to believe what was right in front of your nose all along

This is the STUPIDITY of the american voters.... brainwashed, voting for the "lesser" evil.

Well news for you: Evil Is Evil and voting for evil, screws us all over! Surprise!

We are fucked as a country for your collective stupidity... Maybe you need to turn off the damn phone & media, pull your heads out and pay attention to what is really going on

So you hated Bernie & labeled him a "socialist"..... well how about a Humanitarian that cares about the whole and works to make life easier for others, just not the greedy 1%, which btw the DNC is a part of...

Do not fool yourself by believing the spoon-fed lie: "there is no money for the people"... there is money, our tax money: and it is all being funneled back to the rich, the corporations, & the war machines via tax breaks, loopholes, payoffs, write-offs, bail-outs, & reimbursements

How about someone who is concerned about: Clean Water, Clean Air, Human Rights, Housing, Healthcare, Living Wages for EVERYONE?

The collective greed, fear, hatred, selfishness, & stoopidity of the voters has hit an all time low.

Voters too lazy to think for themselves, brainwashed, tuned-out zombies that believe as you are told to believe by filthy rich corporations (including churches) that only serve themselves upon your blood, sweat, tears & flesh while you work so hard to be like them, which you will never be, but will always wanna be

The truth is out there, it is staring you in the face, and laughing at your stupidity

Google IT!

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