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Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Bala Falls Win!

On Tuesday Sept 22 The Committee of the Whole voted 7 to 2 in favor of Township recommending that the District of Muskoka reject an offer from SREL to utilize and lands owned by the District as a requirement of private and provincially proposed Hydro Generation Station on the North Bala Falls.

This is an important step, a legitimate direction is being offered to the District from the Township Council. looking forward to the next full meeting of ML Council and we watch and see what happens at the District in response to this to this direction . 

Yes a happy dance is in order...

This photo was taken on Friday meeting with everyone on the Muskoka Lakes Council. 

For the record Allan Edwards Gault Mctaggart Donelda Kruckel Linda Barrick-Spearn Ruth Niskikawa Sandy Currie and Phil Harding Councillor all voted in favor of the District of Muskoka being asked to protect their land and associated assets. 

Only Deputy Mayor Jean Ann Baranak and his Worship Don Furniss voted against protecting these lands. 

Well done everyone, please let them know how much we all appreciate their efforts .

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