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Friday, September 11, 2015

Bala Falls: 1 Year Ago Today: 9/11

One year ago today September 11 2014 at 7 in the evening my peaceful serenity at Occupy Bala Falls was disturbed by a posse of government authority led by Mr. Gibson MNR enforcer.
They arrived after six with four trucks of people to remove me from my camp at the Bala Falls.
It was a shock at the time with the OPP escort but I kept calm and told them that I was not leaving.
I also questioned "by who's authority "can they give this land and water away to corporate greed....
The Town of Bala responded to my siren for help and the rest they say will be a movie.....
I was given a gift that evening by the people there and it made me truly understand for the first time that I was not alone....
One year and we continue the fight to save Bala
and protect this public paradise.
The entire Muskoka watershed passes
through the waterfalls in Bala.
We are Idle No More in Muskoka Lakes
Occupy Bala Falls.
Please ask Provincial Government to CANCEL this project.
All Federal politicians to look at this madness.
Liberal legislation and Conservative compliance ?
The Ontario Green Energy Act is destroying Ontario with fake water wind and solar projects creating cash pipeline to elite and connected. The subsidy money is filling the pockets of connected and the cost to us is driving up our Hydro Bills according to the Auditor General Report from Dec 2014.
Not everyone approve of my Occupation or support Turtle Island in Bala but we are all in this together
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