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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Ad Against Harper's Canada


Being Canadian used to mean something.

For generations, we Canadians were seen as peacekeepers, as mediators and as the inspired environmental stewards of a vast country — for much of the 20th century we were a force for good in this world. We wore the Maple Leaf with immense pride, and were welcomed everywhere with open arms. You may remember American travelers wearing our flag patch on their backpacks to protect themselves from scorn.
Today Canada has lost its purpose, lost its soul. Wearing the Maple Leaf is no longer a badge of honour. After nine years in office, Stephen Harper has decimated Canada's reputation on the world stage. We are no longer the proud nation we used to be.
With the upcoming federal election, we have a chance to change all that.
Give Steve the Heave, October 19Adbusters has crafted a powerful and controversial 30-second TV spot, based on an actual incident, to spark a deeper nationwide conversation about what it means to be Canadian. Our strategy over the next few weeks is to give millions of Canadians an honest, unflinching wake up call.
We need your help to make this attack ad, dubbed Spitbomb, go viral and raise money to buy as much airtime as we can on national television. If we air it repeatedly day and night — and make it go viral on the internet — we may be able to spark the Canadian imagination and swing the election.
Of course you will vote on October 19, but in the lead-up to election, why not also help us air Spitbomb again and again and again on national television.

**Legal Stuff**
In order to comply with Elections Canada advertising regulations, we can only accept donations for this specific campaign from Canadian citizens or permanent residents. If you are not Canadian, visit our donation page to see how else you can support Adbusters. For alternative donation methods, including Paypal, contact: subscribe@adbusters.org
82% of your donations will go directly to purchasing as much advertising time as possible. 10% goes to the team of directors, producers and editors who have dedicated themselves to jamming the networks. 8% goes to Indiegogo for hosting the campaign.
In the event that this spot is rejected for broadcast, we may use a portion of the donations to pursue legal action against the broadcasters for our right to freedom of speech.
This project is a part of the Adbusters Mindbombs Campaign, a global battle to take back the mental environment. For more information on this campaign and others, contact: tasha@adbusters.org

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