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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Banned Film: Truth of Iraq


Once upon a time there was a film called Iraq For Sale that chronicled the ridiculous amount of money the Bush administration spent on private contractors in Iraq. According to reports, for every soldier with a specific skill, there was a private contractor making six figures standing there to do his job for him.
Halliburton charged $99 to do a single bag of laundry. Piles of computers and other equipment were torched because they were “ordered wrong,” and new equipment was ordered to replace it. Brand new trucks came with no oil filters, ran until the engines blew and more new trucks were ordered.
The film showed exactly why we were there. The Iraqi people, liberation, Saddam Hussein – none of it mattered. We were there to make money for Cheney, Bush and their cronies, and this film proved it.
It was so damaging that Republicans had it banned from being shown in congress. We can’t have the truth in our legislative halls, otherwise some congressperson eager to do his or her job might just vote against our most profitable enterprise – war.
Prepare to be sick to your stomach.

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