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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Metatron Is A'Coming to Town

I normally do not like to share what I hear, but today I am being compelled to do so:

"Metatron (Hebrew מטטרון) or Mattatron is an archangel in Judaism, known as the Recording Angel or the Chancellor of Heaven":https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metatron 

"Metatron means either 'one who guards' or 'one serves behind [God's] throne.'": http://angels.about.com/…/Ang…/p/Meet-Archangel-Metatron.htm

Metatron: as behind the throne of God, or commonly the "Voice of God"

Mercury is the planet of "communication" and when retrograde appears to be moving backwards.

This current cycle of Mercury Retrograde is in Libra the zodiac of Balance, Harmony, & Justice

Mercury Retrograde is a time when we have the heightened ability to communicate on a silent level, thus working on a higher vibration via meditation, prayer, & visualization
When we become quiet during Mercury Retrograde it is an auspicious time to listen to our inner knowing and the voices of Spirit.

That being said: This period of Mercury Retrograde the Metatron can/will be heard if we open our self to the Vibration.

The Metatron will give voice to the Archangels & higher powers of Divinity, which will prepare us for the shift of the upcoming elevation of goodness....

The light of the Full Moon & eclipse will help to usher in this change and those who bask in the light of goodness will be enhanced of the abilities to make more of a cleaner, healthier, better, more peaceful manner of being/living.

heart emoticon Wicosi ni Wioki heart emoticon Mita Kuya Oyacin heart emoticon

The weird thing about this ^ ^ ^ ^ Is I heard the beginning of it in the voice of that "Madea" character, Tyler Perry's self-righteous, bible thumping drag queen....

And you have to know that just seriously upset my apple cart, as I can not abide that smug, holier-than-thou character.

So the joke must be on me, because I know the Metatron and Archangels all have a sense of humor... and this is how they came across today....

.Would have been lovelier and happier if the Metatron had been the tequila swilling one from Dogma Movie
wink emoticon

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