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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Marching to Philly.....


Bernie Sanders Supporters Marching 135 Miles Gives New Meaning to #SeeYouInPhilly

The DC to DNC March for Democracy is halfway to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from Washington D.C. in protest of a false democracy and in support of Senator Bernie Sanders at 9am today, July 19, 2016.
The procession is on the fifth day of their 10 day trek from Washington D.C. to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The group is a coalition of activists, business owners and average citizens who are calling for clean and fair elections among other demands.
“We are marching to call attention to the corruption in our electoral system” said Graeme Cabrera, Flight attendant turned political activist. “In the year 2016 we will not accept a false choice between an oligarch and a fascist. We The People know Bernie Sanders has our back.”
Although the organizers of the group are progressives who want to elect Senator Bernie Sanders for president, they say the march is not affiliated with a political party or candidate. They describe their march as, “an American action,” and welcome meeting people of all backgrounds.
The march will culminate in Philadelphia with their Let Freedom Ring March at the Liberty Bell followed by a protest against climate change.
By occupyliberals.com

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