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Friday, July 29, 2016

Obama Signs DARK Act Into Law or "Eat Shit & Die, People"

You all doubted me when I told you he was a Fucking, Hypocritical, Lying, Greedy, Monsanto Owned Asshole.

Well, do you believe me now?
BREAKING: President Obama has signed the DARK Act into law. True mandatory GMO labeling has become a thing of the past. The law preempts Vermont's mandatory GMO labeling law as well as laws which were passed in Connecticut, Maine and Alaska. It also preempts seed labeling laws which had been passed by several states. It is full of loopholes and exemptions that would exempt newer genetic engineering technologies such as Synthetic Biology, CRISPR/cas9, gene editing and gene cassettes.

How ironic is it that our first African American president has passed what is probably the most discriminatory piece of legislation in recent times. The law, which will not take effect for 2 years, will allow companies to use QR codes which require smart phones and data plans in order to access information spun by corporations, on corporate websites. 

The law discriminates against low income Americans, minorities, busy parents, the elderly, handicapped and rural Americans with no cell phone service. It's a sad day in the U.S.A. Democracy is no more thanks to The Monsanto President. All we asked for was labels and they wouldn't do it. We will make them pay at the ballot box and punish these corporate interests with our wallets.

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