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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WRITE-IN-VOTE: What You Need to Know


The Write-In Vote - What you NEED To Know!

The map above shows the states (in blue) where you can write-in Bernie Sanders and have your vote tallied. (as of 6/13/16)
As we move closer to the Democratic National Convention in July, we are seeing massive election fraud, voter disenfranchisement and corruption at the hands of the DNC and Clinton surrogates and supporters.
The #BernieOrBust movement has only grown in its urgency and ferocity with each act against Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Even Clinton backers and Republicans are recognizing the blatant fraud and corruption. Donald Trump himself has been reaching out to Bernie supporters in an effort to tap into their anger and distrust of the DNC. My biggest fear is that I see him succeeding.
My second biggest fear, and the reason you are reading this, is the Write-In vote, and whether or not it is the best way to carry out our Bernie or Bust pledge. Relax. Take a deep breath. I do not want you to vote for Hillary Clinton. I do not want you to vote for Donald Trump. I want you to be informed. I want your vote to be counted, I want them to have a number of exactly how many protesters there were, whether they change it after or not. I want your downtickets to count, in fact I NEED your downtickets to count. America does, too. Don’t shoot the messenger.
Yes. They are purposely misinforming you. No, they do not care about your vote unless it is for their chosen candidate. They do not care what happens to it. They do not want it to count. After I explain in detail, I will tell you what we can to do about it if they force us to follow through on our Bernie or Bust pledge.
There is an article circulating around the internet with a misleading map of where write-ins are allowed. The title changed from its original “The Write-In Vote,” which was clearly a headline which would require you to click it before you could form an opinion. The new headline reads, “Did you know that the Presidency could be won by a write-in candidate?”
A very devious headline which appears to tell the reader everything they need to know. Not to bother to click it and read all the information. Well, sure it’s devious. It is posted by Daily KOS, a Clinton propaganda news site.
In this article, it first implies that write-in votes count in all the states but a handful - and Bernie can win if we just write-in his name.
They know that a lot of Americans don’t like to read past a headline. Most readers haven’t clicked the article to read the part where it says... “States not allowing write in ballots include; Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota
Most States require a candidate to register, however; Vermont, Wyoming, Oregon, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Iowa, Delaware, and Alabama do not require registration.
Thirty-five states require that a write-in candidate must submit some form of affidavit and, sometimes, a filing fee at least one month before the election. In North Carolina, these candidates must circulate a petition. Then their names are posted on a list at the polling place, though not on the official ballot. All other write-in votes are tossed.”And is dated July 21, 2015. Sourced below. :)
So let’s discuss. Worse than just having to file in 25 states, in 9 of them, he cannot file if he lost in a primary - it’s called a “Sore Loser Law.” So I’m here to break this down for you. I’ve double-checked random states’ laws for accuracy, but I highly encourage you to check for yourself and maybe call your Board of Elections and ask what happens to a ballot with a write-in candidate who did not file to run a write-in campaign in your state.
The following states you CAN write-in any candidate (8 states), and the results will be tallied, along with their number of electoral votes.
New Hampshire4
New Jersey14
Rhode Island4
The following states you CANNOT write-in any candidate (8 states).
New Mexico5
South Dakota3
The following states have “Sore Loser” laws, which means that since Bernie ran in the Democratic party, if he does not secure the nomination, he cannot run an Independent or Write-In campaign for the same office that he “lost” in the primary. (9 states)
North Carolina15
South Carolina9
And, finally, in the following states, Bernie would need to file according to each state’s laws in order for the write-in votes to be counted. (25 states, updated to include California after further research,http://elections.cdn.sos.ca.gov//statewide-ele…)
New York29
North Dakota3
West Virginia5
This is why Clinton and her minions chuckle when we say #WriteHimIn. It’s why Clinton trolls encourage our belief that we can win a write-in campaign, despite the fact that Bernie himself has said he will not run Independent or Write-In if he doesn’t take the nomination.
If you’re in a state that doesn’t allow write-ins, leave it blank! Leave the president part blank so your ballot is not invalidated, cast your downticket votes. Then join me in protesting for the next 4 years if anyone but Bernie gets in office.
Much love. Bern on.
***Wow! I never expected to have so much attention on my little blog! If you have any information that conflicts with that listed above, please send a screenshot of your state’s law so that I may update the information. Find me on Facebook!
Write-In Filing Deadlines (source:
Alabama no filing requirements
Arizona Sept 29th

Arkanas no write-in
Hawaii No write-ins
Indiana July 5th
Page 18 Section E
Iowa no filing requirements
Kentucky Oct 23rd
http://www.sos.ky.gov/elections/Docu… Page 5
Louisiana No Write-Ins
Maine Sept 24th(45 days before election)
http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/c… Page 20
Minnesota Nov 1st
Mississippi No-write ins
Missouri No write ins(if lost in primary)
Nebraska File October 28, 2016 http://nebraskalegislature.gov/laws/statutes.…
New York File October 11, 2016
North Dakota File October 18, 2016
Tennessee File September 19, 2016 http://www.lewiscountytn.com/Write-in%20Can…
Utah File September 9, 2016 https://elections.utah.gov/register/becom…
Virginia File October 28, 2016 http://elections.virginia.gov/candidatepac-i…
West Virginia File September 20, 2016 http://www.sos.wv.gov/elections/cand…

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