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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

GE Trees & Forests.....

Native forests threatened by genetically engineered trees

Our present and future forests stand in perilous danger due to the genetic engineering industry. Corporations like ArborGen envision replacing acres of native forests around the world with plantations of genetically engineered trees.

The GE trees are marketed as more frost-tolerant and pest-resistant than natural species and a potential boon for biofuels and pulp production. But critics like The Campaign to Stop GE Trees, an international coalition, argue the "Frankentrees" are invasive, risk contaminating natural trees, are more flammable and pose a threat to ecosystems.

The Global Asunción Declaration, made in in Asunción, Paraguay in November 2014 by an international group of biologists, geneticists, indigenous peoples, community organizers and ecologists, sounds the warning that those trees which are especially engineered to constantly produce insecticides would adversely affect pollinators and beneficial predators needed for food production and the food chain, including songbirds.

"We do not need false solutions that create more problems; we need real, just solutions that address the intertwined root causes of the multiple crises we face," the declaration read. https://www.ncronline.org/…/native-forests-integral-ecology…

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