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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Petition: Hillary Step Down!


Hillary Rodham Clinton Should Concede the Nomination to Bernie Sanders

Given the revelations of corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic National Committee exposed by Wikileaks, it appears the Democratic National Committee colluded with the media and possibly the Clinton Presidential Campaign to wrongfully deprive Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Presidential Nomination.
While this is clearly unethical, it may also be a violation of Federal Election Law.
Because the Clinton Campaign immediately offered the DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz a job, after her unethical involvement was exposed, it's clear the Clinton campaign supports and actively condones unethical and dishonest conduct. When combined with Clinton's steadfast support of Wall Street over Main Street, this act will be potentially fatal to a Democratic victory in this presidential election while at the same time causing major damage to the Democratic Party.
Few people trust Hillary Clinton and now the Democratic party's ethics have been called into question.
Therefore, the only ethical course of action to ensure the best possibility to place a Democrat in the office of President of the United States, is for Hillary Roddam Clinton to concede the nomination to Bernie Sanders and endorse his campaign.
This petition will be delivered to:
  • Bob Lewis

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