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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Rachel Maddow vs. Kock Brothers

Rachel Maddow Takes down Koch brothers
After she said all of that, she did this:

Earlier this year, Rachel Maddow did a show on the 
failed and disastrous welfare drug testing debacle in 
Florida. During the show, she traced the legislation that 
demanded that welfare recipients be drug tested back 
to its money source — the Koch brothers.

Following that show, she got a surprise — one that 
delighted her. When Maddow covers the Koch brothers, 
she hears from the Koch brothers’ lawyers. This time?
 The Koch brothers sent her a script with instructions to 
read it on the air. The script contained verbiage that would 
have denounced her reporting of their affiliation with 
groups that control Republicans and legislation at the local, 
state, and federal level.

Maddow points out that MSNBC and her show will make
 corrections when a mistake is made, but there is a 
threshold that won’t be crossed.
“I don’t mind making corrections. That said — 
don’t push it.”
She explains that she covers a lot of right wing politics 
“The most interesting story in American politics 
this decade is the effort by the Republican party 
to remake itself in the 
wake of the disastrous Bush-Cheney era.”

“We cover the conservative movement a lot on 
this show and in so doing, we occasionally find 
people who have been 
mentioned in our coverage who are absolutely
outraged that they have been mentioned in our 
coverage. People who are not used to being talked 
about by someone who does not 
take their instructions. And so, what happens is, 
they tend to try to instruct me as to how I ought to 
talk about them. And the conservative political 
figures who you can most count on to threaten 
to sue you and call your boss 
and scream about their victimization as loud as 
they can— whenever they get mentioned by 
name in a way they do not control — are of course, 
the Koch brothers.”

What she revealed about the Kochs that angered 
them, was this:
“They are part of a network of state-based 
conservative think tanks that are designed 
to not look like a network. They all look 
vaguely indigenous. They all have what 
look to be locally-specific names, but their 
funding — if you follow it— comes in part 
from a central source of big money corporate
donors, including groups affiliated with the 
Koch brothers.”
These are some of the groups:
Screengrab via YouTube
Rachel points out something very important:
“The Koch brothers’ lawyers aren’t denying 
that they fund these organizations, but they 
don’t want anyone reporting a connection 
between what these groups do and who gives 
them the money.”
This is important. This is evidence that they are trying 
to run this country from their own agenda, if evidence 
is needed at this point.

Why do these men do what they do? Why do they think 
that they can manipulate politics in this country 
without being held accountable? Maddow explains it 
when people operate at a certain level of power and 
wealth, they “are not used to ever hearing things that 
you do not want to hear, particularly things about 
I’ve experienced that in my own life with powerful and 
wealthy people I know. People in positions of power 
are not accustomed to being challenged. They certainly 
aren’t accustomed to being criticized. They don’t want 
to see the mirror that we hold up to them. It infuriates 
them. How dare we! How dare Rachel Maddow!

As for their lame little script that they wanted her to 
read online, here is her response.
“I am not going to read their script. I’m not going to 
renounce my own reporting on this story, because 
the reporting on this story stands. It is true. And 
now we also know that the Koch brothers do not
wish to be associated with the work and the 
causes that they have funded through their multi-million 
dollar, multi-year massive funding of networks of 
conservative organizations. You not wanting to be 
known for something you have done is not the same 
thing as you not having done it.”
“We will not stop reporting on the political actions and 
the consequences of the political actions of rich and 
powerful men, even if they send angry letters every 
time we do it. I will not read scripts provided to me 
by anyone else. I do not play requests. I will happily 
make corrections when I do get things wrongs. We 
do it on this show all the time, but I will not renounce 
or retract reporting that is true, even if the subjects 
of that reporting don’t like it. Being a political actor 
means being subject to political scrutiny. If you 
don’t want to be known for it, don’t do it. Don’t just 
complain when people accurately describe your 
actions. Your actions are what we are reporting on 
and we will do that on our own terms as a free press. 
If you want to control the words that are used when 
your actions are discussed, then speak for yourself.”
“I will renew my invitation now. Mr. Koch, or the other 
Mr. Koch, you are welcome on this show anytime. 
I would love to discuss these matters with you 
right here in person live and without interruptions. 
Anytime. And it would be easy to set up — 
you apparently already have my number.”

Rachel Maddow Takes down Koch brothers
Screengrab via YouTube
Rachel Maddow can’t be bought by corrupt people. 
People who stand on principle can’t be bought. 
They can’t be silenced. They can’t be controlled. 
The Koch brothers, and other conservatives — 
and maybe, truth be told, even some powerful 
Democrats who have lost their way — can’t deal 
with that.
FYI, this is what a patriot looks like. In my opinion, 
what she’s doing is dangerous. These people could 
have her “dealt with” without it ever being traced back 
to them. Oh we would all question it, sure. But they’d 
never see justice. She is a hero. She is….a patriot.
We need for people to see this. Do anything you can 
to get the conservatives you know to sit and watch 
this with you. Bribe them. Offer lunch or booze in 
exchange for them watching this. In fact, make it a 
weekly thing. “Watch Maddow with me once a week 
and I’ll pay for drinks.”
The only way we’re going to get change is to change 
people and open their eyes. That’s going to happen one 
person at a time.
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