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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Denial of First Amendment Rights

American justice:
Denial of Constitutional Rights by Jack Dalrymple (governor of N.D.) & Kelcy Warren (rich little prick CEO of ETP)
Denial of Freedom of Press & the Right of Peaceful Assembly...
When a corporation can take away our Constitutional Rights by purchasing a person in power (in this case Kelcy Warren CEO of ETP buying Governor Jack Dalrymple) WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM....
THIS IS FASCISM... and if we do not take a stand to Protect the PROTECTORS, who will then take a stand to Protect Us, when they Come After Us....
They Have Already Come After US: the DNC & the heinous harridan & her libertarian corporate owners.....

Shailene Woodley + 26 Others Arrested While Peacefully Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

Shailene Woodley, star of The Fault in Our Stars and the Divergent series, was arrested Monday morning while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in Sioux County, North Dakota.
Screenshot from Shailene Woodley Facebook page.
Woodley was streaming live on her Facebook page Monday during a peaceful protest at Standing Rock. The protest was in response to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on Monday that lifted a temporary injunction on the pipeline, allowing construction to resume.

Appeals Court Refuses to Halt Construction on http://rbl.ms/2dWPA06   @MarkRuffalo @LeoDiCaprio
back on Standing Rock. last night US district court of appeals denied injunction to halt  construction.https://www.facebook.com/ShaileneWoodley/videos/624115837749800/ 

The actress and environmental activist was trying to head back to her RV to go back to camp, when she noticed it was surrounded by police and a riot vehicle. As she approached her RV, she was stopped by police dressed in riot and military gear. After speaking with them, she was told on camera that she was being arrested for criminal trespassing. A spokesman for the Morton County Sheriff's Department said she was also arrested for engaging in a riot. Her mother was with her at the time.
When she asked why she was being arrested and no one else, and whether it was because people know who she is, the officer who appeared to be in charge said it was because she was identified.
As she was being put in handcuffs, Woodley explained to a person off-camera that she was being arrested for trespassing down by the pipeline where hundreds of others had gathered, but that she left as soon as police arrived and was told to leave.
"It's because I'm well-known, it's because I have 40,000 people watching it," she said.

These Celebrities Take a Stand Against via @EcoWatch http://rbl.ms/2bXwTHq  

Twenty-six other protesters were also arrested, according to media reports.
Protesters and members of more than 90 Native American nations and tribes have been encampedon the Missouri River since May fighting against the construction of the 1,170-mile pipeline that would transport 470,000 barrels of crude oil across four states, including sacred sites and burial grounds.
Woodley has been very vocal on social media about her feelings on the Dakota Access Pipeline and has been at the protests on a consistent basis which she recently talked about on Late Night With Seth Meyers along with Bernie Sanders.

"It's been remarkable. It's one of the greatest experiences of my life," she said.
"This is the first time that you have this many tribes gathered in one place, standing together united, to stand up for not only their rights, but human rights, and the access to clean water—all they're doing is protecting clean water," she added.
Woodley said while the temporary halt on the pipeline's construction the Obama administration did is "beautiful," it's not a win. A win, she said, is for them to say we're not moving the pipeline to another location, but we're going to stop it, like the Obama Administration did with Keystone XL.
Until then, we're sure to see Woodley out there again as she continues to fight for Native American rights and the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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