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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Energy Transfer Partners bladed the right-of-way through a 5,000 year-old archeological site

Big Bend Conservation Alliance added a new video: Equinox Ceremony at Trap Springs, Alpine Tx.

Last week, the Big Bend region lost part of its rich historical legacy when Energy Transfer Partners bladed the right-of-way through a 5,000 year-old archeological site. As one of precious few historically significant springs along an ancient Indian trail, the Trap Spring site is believed to have been visited by Spanish explorer Juan Dominguez de Mendoza in 1684 in addition to untold numbers of indigenous people through the ages.
As dust rose from heavy machinery nearby, a small group that included descendants of local indigenous tribes gathered at the site to bear witness to the destruction and hold a ceremony to honor the site and help restore balance to our damaged relationship with the earth.
Native wisdom reminds us that the greater task before us goes beyond this archeological site, beyond this pipeline, beyond changing public perception. Beyond even changing law. At its core it is about reconnecting to the earth and learning how to walk quietly again.
The work continues. Please join us and our friends from the American Indian Movement of Central Texas as we march in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and people everywhere fighting against the destruction of land and water for corporate profit.
Stand with Big Bend. Stand with Standing Rock. Stand for change.

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